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Thanksgiving is going to be lame this year so don’t get home-sick on Thanksgiving day.  Ryan is going to be in Driggs with Sheridan.  Shawna has to stay home and cook for her family every other year and this is the other year.  Malinda is going to Vernal with Mickey and his family.  Becky has a new boyfriend in Utah that she’s spending Thanksgiving with and Martin said he’s not coming if Malinda and Ryan aren’t going to be there so…slim pickins.  Who will Joni play volleyball with if Shawna, Ryan and Malinda are gone?  Weird.
We went to a concert/fireside that the missionaries put on last night.  They were the Spanish speaking missionaries in the district.  It was in Blackfoot.  They sang as a group, individually, with a guitar,  with just the piano, with a harmonica, with guitars, etc.  Most was in English and some was in Spanish.  It was mostly Hymns but also some stuff I hadn’t heard before.  They did a really good job.  It only lasted 45 minutes.  Perfect.  We took Julie and Julisa with us.
Jared turned in his papers last Monday so now it’s either a two or three week wait.  One week is already behind him and he should know by either this week or the week of Thanksgiving.  Kyle Gregory’s farewell was yesterday.  Julie said that in his talk he said that service is like wetting your pants…everyone can see what happened but you’re the only one that gets the warm feeling.  (Sick!  And from the pulpit, no less…whatever.)
I love you again,


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