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Re: Hugs and Kisses

Ah, I am sorry that your email died again, what I usally did at work, was type it into word, and then just copy and paste, because you can always get it back from word:) Hmm no worries, I havn’t eaten that much romin, and no mac and cheese. I have been having scrambled eggs, and pancackcks for breakfast, and toast with jam, and sometimes bologna on it, and for lunch I have been having bologna and egg sandwiches, and baby carrots, and burritos. Spinich is a way good idea, and it will go great with egg sandwiches.  Umm, I had to buy some stuff on my debit card, so would you mind making sure that I have about $200 bucks on my debit card, thanks a million. I am glad that you guys have been having fun with the cousins, tell cody to start reading the old testiment, new testiment, and book of mormon all the way through, I am sure it seems like a long time to him away, but it is hecka inportant to start studing scriptures now, and pay attention in semminary. Oh, also tell cody that there are fireworks, in the right side of my, closet in a bag, in a box. He is welcome to play with them with the boys, or just keep them all to himself (don’t tell his mom, heh)

Wow so the mission has been great, especially th last week or two, my conpanion and I are pretty much opening an area, and the ward is pretty mad lazy, so they don’t ever give us any referals… kind of like our ward… and so we have been working hecka hard to get some investigators, since I have been here, and now we are finally getting some and we are super busy, and we all know a busy missionary is a happy missionary, also I am figuring out how to do all the little stuff, like paper work, and the such, so my conpanion is like… more supportive now. He is pretty much the man, but I think this is the last week we are going to be together, because he is probably going to be zone leader.

Thanks for the pictres, I wiill have to send some in return. Love ya all,



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Hugs and Kisses

Dear Elder,

Hi sweet son.  I did it again, I typed for an hour and sent you all the
latest info and when I sent it it said that the internet was down and then
I couldn’t retrieve my letter.  I had both Kayla and Cody come look for it
but it was gone.  So I’ll do a token remember but it won’t be the same,

Cody has had to take your place in the cousin pecking order and Ryan’s
boys are mauling him instead of you.  I’m sure that breaks your heart.
The food we go through is astronomical.  Ryan and his boys sleep on the
tramp each night and Cody, Camille, Kayla, and Lexa all sleep in a tent
in the back yard for our week long stay-cation.  We’re trying to come up
with things to do to keep them all busy for the week so that they don’t
all sit around indoors, trash the house, and contend because of close
quarters.  Everyone has gotten along beautifully so far, thank heavens.
Let me know what you thought of the family pictures.

I have to be a mom… so use your own personal debt card for books and use
your mission card for food.  If it’s for six weeks then you need to
actually write down how much you are going to allot yourself for each week
and then don’t go over that amount.  You need to buy fresh fruit and
vegetables every week.  Fish, Spinach, boiled eggs are brain food that
you’ll need to memorize and study.  Pray often specifically for your
memorization abilities.  I’m so happy to hear that you’re solid, I had no

How do I approach Jacob V. and remind him that he promised his mom that
he’d go on a mission?  I don’t want to be a busy-body or offend but in
the same breath I think he needs to be reminded of his promise.  I should
take the chicken way out and text him 🙂

I sure am proud of you.  You are such a blessing in all of our lives.
Just being on your mission and striving to do the Lord’s will blesses our
lives as well as yours.  I have people come up to me all the time and ask
how my missionary is doing.  I love it.  Hold to the rod.  Hugs and


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Re: Not your babe :)

Ok, so how the financial part works, is we get $130 at the first of every six weeks, and it is supose to only be used for food. Which is plenty of money, although I am broke again 😉 I had seventy bucks to last me the next two weeks,  but then I went to the book store, and I felt just like brielle, haha, I was picking up every book in sight and reading the back, and all that good stuff. oh, a LDS book store that is. I got myself a book of mormon study guide and some other missionary appropate material. I was only spose to use my atlotment card for food, but I didn’t really think of that at the time. We don’t have to pay rent or anything else, only food. I live in an apartment with my companion only, who is a pretty crazy dude, haha, not in a bad way though. I was showering today, and he snuck in and dumped cold water on me, then he went to sneek in again, and I saw him, so I pulled back the curtan and sprayed him with the head, it was hilarious. The semminary paper is perfect, exactally the one’s I was looking for. I have been studing like mad, and It still never feels like we have enought time, we are super hard workers, so we always have a ton of lessons and stuff to go to, but we still study for two hours each morning. The first is personal study, which only means that we are studing by ourselfs, because it is anything but personal as we try to study for the needs of all the people we have lessons with that day, and then we have conpanioship study, which is where we talk about things we learned, and then make a lesson plan for each person we are studing for. Comp study is the best because my conpanion is super smart and he has great deep insights. I am way good at talking to people on the street, and usually at lessons as well, but you know my brain, I have just as much as a lack of lehona as you, so my conpanion somtimes gets frustrated with my lack of direction, but I am working on it way hard, so he is giving me a little slack. He lets me lead every other day, so that is way cool, but in the same breath it is super stressful. I have been learning so much about reading people and making conversation with every one, it is awesome. I miss you guys so much, not to the point of homesickness, because that would be a distraction, but don’t think I don’t miss you. Letters in the mail are bomb, we always get way stoked to go out and check the mail, and it makes the whole day go better when we get some, you guys have been great at sending mail, and the letter from kayla an brielle made me laugh, my companion was looking at it, and he was like “what the?” I was like ya, I have some very creative sisters. I love hearing about your lives, Lexa I am way stoked for you to be in the highschool, as long as you don’t get caught up in the drama of it all, which I am sure you will be able to avoid. I know that you will find success like being in presidency, wherever you make it priority. Also make sure you get into key club, because that is seriously where all the cool people are, cool meaning service minded ;). Kayla I miss your hugs so very much, my conpanioin is from rexburg, so we were both remminessing about the days of ballroom, and I think we even danced together a bit… it was kind of late… ya. I can’t wait to get the family picture, and a picture of me dipping you, woo! I am so glad you guys are going to be spending time with the family, I know that every time extended family comes to stay, they leave  better people, Bri, I miss you mad tons, whenever I think of somthing creative, or someone tells me about someone they know that is mad smart, or loves reading, or even people going to byu-i your name always comes to mind, and into the conversation,  Mom I miss giving you crap soo much, the moms at the houses we eat at, just don’t give the same hugs, or play along with the crap I give them… haha JK about both of those, but I really do miss our boding times. oh and when I get back, we are totally going to have to start dating again. Those were the good old days. loved that insight from the new era, and you will be happy to know I am still solid!

Oh, dad I just got your Dear Elder from the mtc telling me that keegan is going to chili, I think that will be awesome for him, and I know he is going to come back a man a and a half, I am already looking foward to that reunion. Keep staying on versey to get out on a mission, it is a way good thing.

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Not your babe :)

Elder Hansen,

I want to know how the whole financial part works as a missionary.  Like why
do you have little money and then lots?  And when you’re low can’t you buy
food with your own personal debt card?  Do you pay your rent or does someone else?  Do you have to budget money for things?  What kind of things besides food?  My financial brain is very curious, you know me.

It’s still weird not having you around.  We’ll adjust but it’s still weird
right now.  Who’s going to give me crap?  No one else in the house knows how
like you.  How boring. Let me know about the seminary paper.  Was that good

I was reading the Ensign yesterday (Aug. 2009, Unspotted from the World by
President David O. McKay) and I really liked this one article that I want to
share with you.  I just hadn’t ever thought about it this way before.  See
what you think.

* The evils of the world present themselves insidiously in our daily
association.  They come in the shape of temptations, as they came to the
Savior after His baptism.  What were those temptations?  When Satan said,
“command that these stones be made bread:  (Matthew 4:3), He was appealing
to the appetite.  He knew that Jesus was hungry, that He was physically
weak, and he thought that by pointing to those little lime stones which
resemble somewhat a Jewish loaf of bread, he could awaken a desire to eat.
Failing in that, when he received the divine word, “Man shall  not live by
bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”
(Matthew 4:4), Satan then tried Him in another way,  He dared Him-an appeal
to His pride, to His vanity…But the Savior answered him in terms of
scripture, “It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God”
(Matthew 4;7).  What was the third?  An appeal to His love of power, domain,
wealth:  “All these things (the kingdoms of the world and the glory thereof)
will I give thee,” said the tempter, “if thou wilt fall down and worship
me”  (Matthew 4:9).  “Get thee hence, Satan:  for it is written, Thou shalt
worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve” (Matthew 4:10).
Now, nearly every temptation that comes to you and me comes in one of
those forms.  Classify them, and you will find that under one of those three
nearly every given temptation that makes you and me spotted, ever so little
may be, comes to us as (1) a temptation of the appetite;  (2) a yielding to
the pride and fashion and vanity of those alienated from the things of God;
or (3) a gratifying of the passion, or a desire for the riches of the world,
or power amoung men…

*Interesting, I thought.  By the way, you said last time that letters were
only for positive things but you have to vent somehow so write down your
frustrations in your own personal journal because if you don’t then they
will fester and get worse.  That was a suggestion from your father.
This week Joni is gone to the cabin with her family and I’m in charge of
grandma.  Next week is our “stay-cation” instead of vacation and Jill and
her kids are coming to pitch tents in the yard and play for nine days.
LaDean’s grandsons will be here and Ryan’s kids will be here and so it
should prove to be interesting if nothing else!  I bought treasures from
garage sales to use for the treasure hunt.  Brielle will help with that,
thank heavens.

Lexa got her Patriarcal Blessing last Sunday and she has definately decided
to start school at the high school next year.  You know her, she’s already
gone through the class discription booklet and decided what classes to
take.  She’d like to try out for show choir.  She’ll have to wait until next
year to try out for student council.

Yesterday, Janessa S***** had her baby blessed and Chris G***** gave his
farewell talk.  Dasily E***** sang while Kendal played the piano.
Life here is good.  The more I work with mom, the more I feel like I have
dementia too and it gives me the bajeebers!  Scary!

I love you, son.  You are a mountain amoung men and I’m proud of you.
Invite the Holy Ghost to be your third companion every day.  Your light
shines all they way to Idaho and we thank you for being such a good example
to us as a family.  Lots of hugs and kisses from yo mama.  By the way, the
subject of this email was supposed to make you laugh because dad was always
saying, “she’s not your babe!”


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Yo mama

Dear Elder Hansen,

We haven’t gotten the CD with our family pictures yet.  I’ll call her
today and make sure she’s still on it.  So it’s not procrastination on our
part that you haven’t gotten any copies.

I sent you some seminary rhymes from Shawna’s seminary teacher in her ward because I was at her house the three days after I received the letter that
said you wanted them.  Dad was in Utah that week also so he met us at
Lagoon one day because Shawna got super-hoodie-doodie discount tickets
from her work.  You would have been proud of your parents, we’re not as
freakin’ old as we look!  We did it all.  The body slide at Lagoona Beach
(swimming pool) gives you a major melvin so we only did that once.
Kayla and Lexa were at girl’s camp while I was at Shawna’s and they both
had their testimonies strengthened there.  I won’t tell you too much
because I’m hoping they’ll write you and keep you up to date.  Kayla spoke
in Sacrament Meeting yesterday to share her spiritual experiences because
she is a youth leader at camp now.

Lexa has decided to have her patriarcle blessing so she had a bishop’s
interview yesterday and is getting with brother Welker Tuesday evening.
She has already made an appointment with brother Behunin for Wednesday
morning and I now just need to call Mr. Clark the H.S. principle and see
if he is available on Wednesday also.

Did I ever mention that your bike seat part will never come?  I guess
that’s something you’ll have to get from there or something.  Jared had
said that the ebay account was five dollars short or something so he paid
it but the bike part was gone because of the time lapse or something like
that.  Just thought you might need to know.

Brielle is getting a few more hours at Porter’s Craft and Frame in Idaho
Falls so she’s excited about that.  Maybe she will get a little money
saved up besides paying off last semester’s debt.  That’ll be good.
We pray for you as a family every time we get together and pray.  And
we’re all praying for you in our individual prayers, of course.
I pray that the Holy Ghost will guide you in all things.  Thank you for
telling about the people you’re teaching, that was interesting.  But about
that Ramen Noodle thing…CANCER IN A BAG!  Eat apples and remember that
oatmeal is fast, easy and nutricious…not the premade ones in a
baggie…the regular rolled oats.  I love you son.  I’m going walking with
Emma Lou S***** and Mary B***** this morninhg.
Hugs and kisses,

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Re: Yo mama

Ah, that is kind of a bummer deal that my bike part will never come, but it isin’t a huge deal. “Oh, so I got your package that you sent me today Woo Hoo! many things to get me sick, but no worries, all the cures to them too. haha Jk, but really thanks for the package, made my week. I was thinking about something in personal study the other day, I and I thought I would share it with you because it really made an impression on me. I was reading in Hebrews 11:1 and it says faith is the evidence of things not seen, that are true. more or less. and I thought about this, and if I was standing in front of you, you would know that I was there. If you came up and touched me, you would have more evidence that I was there, because you would be using more then one of your senses to know I was there. and this made me think of faith as a sixth sense, I know you are probably laughing, at this point, but I am serious. If you think about, seeing is evidence, touching is evidence, and faith is evidence. Thinking this way, when a general authority says that “he could no better know Christ lives, if he was standing right in front of him” is a pretty incredible statement, but it really makes sense. Hmm pretty awesome.
Well, we tracted into one of the most awesome ladies ever, she said that she would not be “converted” and not to get our hopes up, but we got her to come to church, and she loved it. She has given us like two huge bags of food, which is awesome. Oh also my trainer is like the smartest missionary every. We started talking to this lady, and I don’t even know what faith she was, but they started umm “comparing scriptures” it didn’t really get heated, so you couldn’t call it bashing, but he knew stuff from the bible that I haven’t even heard of before.

Love you guys Tons!

ps thanks so much for thinking about me and praying for me, I really need it, but letters are only for positive stuff, hopefully I forget the bad stuff before I come home 😉

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Re: I love my son

Hey, I am so glad that you are able to be spiritually filled on Sundays, every one calls it a day of rest, but we are only resting from wordly things, so spiritually we are more active then the rest of the week. Being on a spiritual mission, it is the same way, except, we are the most active on sunday, because it is also our day of spiritual working.

I am so glad to hear about Cassi and Keegan, it is so cool, that they are able to be able to spiritually uplift others, and especailly themselves.
Did you get the letter I sent home asking for the semminary rhymes for scripture refrences?

I did write a letter to Jared, and that was like the coolest thing ever.
My comp’s name is ryan a*****, and we are getting along great, even though he was sick like three days last week, just gave me all that much more time to study.

could you guys do a big favor for me, will you email rand.r*****@inl.gov and ask his home address, so I can write him or lrand.r*****@inl.gov or debbie.p*****@inl.gov I don’t know if any of these will work, but hopefully.

I have a tiny bit more time so let me tell you about my investigators
Linda is a way awesome lady, but she has serious health problems, so she dosn’t come to church  very much,and she sees God, as the discription of the holy ghost, so we are working on that. and then there is lori and Johnny, they are a white girl, and an awesome black guy, and he like loves the history behind the book of mormon, like way more then he is intrested in getting a spiritual whitness that it is true. Also there is this awesome family that just got baptized, just before I came in, the Squortisus, er something like that, they are like the coolest family ever, they have two kids, a boy about eleven, and a girl, about thirteen. They totally remind me of brielle and I, playing lego’s together, and such, but he has long blonde hair just like lexa, or maybe a bit longer. They have us over for dinner sometimes, and also we had a watter fight on the forth of july, everyone else was in the pool, which would have been awesome to get in, and we couldn’t have gotten any wetter after the watter battle, if we would have jumped in the pool. It kind of stinks that I only get half hour to write you guys, it feels like I am trying to cram like a week of stuff into a couple of sentances. I can also write, but only on P day, so mabye I will have to start doing more of that.

Latter on today we are going to get a mini missionary, between 16-18 who is going to come and chill with us for the week and eat our food, and go tracting with us, so I am stoked for that.

Dad, I am glad to hear that you had a good time with motab, whenever anyone askes what you do for work, I always threw in, “and he is on tour with the tabernacle choir right now!” they were super inpressed to say the least.
I am on a pretty strict diet of top romin, and grape nuts(cereal) cheerios last week and an occational pb&j sandwich. I eat really good for dinner though, the members have us over almost every night, which is awesome and a half, I don’t think I have had one thing yet that I didn’t love. We have helped a bunch of people move stuff like couches, and one lady, totally move out of her apartment.

Oh, we are going to start our 40 day fast next sunday, because My comp was sick all this week, I couldn’t remember if I told you about that, but we are fasting from talking about home, or girls, or any thing else that isn’t mission related.

Being on a missison is a ton of work, and we are constantly tired, but there are just some moments that make everything totally worth it.

For example, the other day we were over at linda’s house talking to her about, how God is our heavenly father, and about prayer, and. I thought of like a question to ask her, and it wasn’t like super related, so I was a little hesitant to ask her, but when I did, she was like, “funny that you wold ask/say that, I was just wondering, or thinking about that. It was awesome, and I know that when we are doing what the lord wants us to do, and on his path, he will always inspire our minds as what we need to say or do. This is not just one occation either, this happens at least daily. It is way cool to be out here, and my trainer is way good, but it is also a very humbling experiance, and he always has really good advice on what I need to work on every single day.

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