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Re: Weekly Letter 8/23/09

Wooo Hoo My family is holding to the rod again! haha, I love you guys so much, you are the best support group a missionary could ask for. I am glad to hear that you guys are scripture reading again, one of the thing my mission prep leader told us his kids do, is study the night before, while they are fully awake, by them selves, and then share with the family the next morning what they learned. I think studying PMG is a great idea, it has tons of good stuff, and if you look through the sections, there is really anything you would like to learn. I would suggest the page just before the first page of “learning a new langwage” I think it is the last page of Christlike Attributes, but I’m not sure, it is like a test to see how you are doing spiritually. Love you,



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Weekly Letter 8/23/09

Dear Elder Jacob,

I just got back from choir practice and Thelma W***** gave me a name
you could look up and contact.  It’s David M***** M*****.  Thelma said that
David’s brother Mark E***** M***** lived in the double wide trailor that
Adruses lived in before they built their house up the lane next to Mike
C***** and the Beans.  Mark was only 33 years old and his daughter found
him dead one morning (2007).  Mark’s mother came to go through his things
and Thelma gave her some soup and a card with a pass-along card in it.  She
hasn’t heard back from her but she just ran across the Shelley Pioneer that
had the death announcement in it and told about a brother that lived in
Roseville California and thought you might want his name just in case.  It
might be a good chance to talk to him about life after death and eternal
families.  It’s been two years so he may not still be there but maybe he
is.  When you have an “in” sometimes you can get a foot in the door.
School has started so we’ve decided to start holding to the rod again
and read our scriptures:)  Lexa suggested that we all have our own personal
scripture study in our rooms for fifteen minutes or so so that we can cut
the morning devotional down to fifteen minutes.  I didn’t have a problem
with that because I really want them to get into the habit of having their
own personal scripture study time.  We’ve only done it for a few days so far
but it’s amazing what a spiritual difference I’ve already started to feel
because of it.  Maybe during morning devotional we could study Preach My
Gospel instead of just one stick of scripture.

I’m thankful to hear that you and your new companion have a mutual
respect for each other.  That goes a long way.  Remember to take your
mission one day at a time and enjoy the journey.  Never wish you had the
gifts and talents of another missionary.  You have exactly what the Lord
wants in that area at this time.  Whenever you’re discouraged think of all
the gifts that you’ve been given and I don’t mean the ability to learn to
play the trumpet.  Think of your kind heart, your thoughtfulness toward
others, including women, children and the elderly.  You have determination
and the fortitude to move ahead when things are tough.  You have the ability
to put people at ease when they’re around you.  You have been blessed with a
full measure of faith.  Move ahead with a glad heart and tap into that God
given gift of faith and know that all will turn out for your benefit in the

Oh, by the way, Shawna came this week because she wanted Joni and me to
help her make applesauce.  I told her that Ryan was gone to a job interview
and that we should pray for him as a family.  Joni, Shawna, Lexa, gma and I
knelt down and prayed that he might get the job.  He came home and said that
they had hired a guy for the job the night before.  But guess what?  Two
days later they called him and said that the other guy wasn’t working out
and they needed him after all.  It’s just a dump truck driver job that pays
him only half of what he’s used to making but after a year of no work he is
thankful to have it until he finds something else!  The Lord is truly
mindful of all his children.  I’d sure like to see him go back to school to
get educated in another field of some kind other than construction since the
bottom has dropped out of that market.  Whatever, not my life.
I sure love you, son.  Feel the faith and prayers of your earthly family
but above all remember that your heavenly family loves you and is rooting
for you even more that we ever dreamed of.  Hugs and kisses,


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Re: Weekly Letter 8/10/09

ah, baby your emails are the best, I am fantastic, my new conpanion is a little laid back, but he is super nice and way funny, he actually kind of reminds me of Jacob J*****, whom i actually think of quite often while out here, probably because he told me so many stories before he left. I do get fed almost every single night, which is way nice, and all the ward memebers here are amazing. I really need to send you guys some pictures, especially of the skordas family, when I walk into their house, it is the exact same feeling as when I walked into their home. I love you guys tons, but I have to go. Thanks for the tubes, and hecka support.

Elder Hansne

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Weekly Letter 8/10/09

Dearest Elder,

How is my favorite son doing this week?  I sure do love you, son.  I
only saw you once a day usually because of your long hours but I still loved
knowing that I would see you once a day.  We pray for you several times a
day now so you’re probably on our minds more than you were when you lived here:)  That was a confusing sentence.

Dad found your bike tubes in the garage for me and I sent them on
Thursday this week.

I read a good quote in the Ensign this week.  President Ezra Taft Benson
(1899-1994) said, *”When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our
quest, in that moment God will endow us with power.” *

Life is going back to the grind again soon here.  Kayla registers for
school tomorrow and Lexa registers on Thursday.  I start school next Monday and the girls start on Thursday of next week.  Lexa can’t wait.  She never has been able to wait because she loves school so much but this year is an extra bonus because she’ll be at the high school.

Do you get to ride your bike as often as you hoped?  Is it your only
mode of transportation?  I ride my bike every single day and love every
minute of it.

Do your meals get assigned out like the elders here?  I think ours get fed
every night.  If you don’t, how many nights a week do you get fed by

How’s the new comp?

My love for you is huge and I’m in your corner rooting for you all the way.
Keep the faith and remember to ask to know how the Holy Ghost communicates with you personally. (A suggestion from Sheri Dew, former general R.S. board member)

All my love,


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Re: Captain Crunch

haha sorry, I know how you feel now, I was half way through my letter to you, and a little kid here at the library kicked out the power cord. Haha, so this one might be a little short.

The stay-cation, sounds like a blast, I wish I could have been there for the fun, and to see the treehouse.  haha ya that is a ton of candy, but that package made my day, reading all the stuff from you guys. Oh I got the family pictures as well, I had to steal the back from my conpanion, because he was checking out the girls. haha,  Oh, and brielle’s face totally does look like a calvin and hobbs face. If you guys don’t mind, could you send the two tubes in the garage for my bike, they have the small silver valve stems and they are specialized I think, they have goo in  them, because apparantly they do have thorns here in california, thanks so much. Thats really all I can think of that I need, but thank you guys so much for thinking about me. I have met a bucnh of awesome people here, I and learned a ton about myself, and about getting along nicely with others. Well love ya lots.


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Captain Crunch

Dear Elder Jake-

I never know what to write on the Subject: line so I’m just going to write
random stuff that will make you smile:)

The stay-cation was intense.  Lots of people.  I feel like I need a couple
of days of recuperation.  Jill and her crew went home yesterday right after
the garage sales and Shawna left at about 7:30 PM so that her grandson,
Jack, would sleep all the way home and I just drove to Malad with Ryan to
return his kids tonight.

I would have enjoyed the whole vacation more if we never had to eat.  You
know me, I hated planning the meals, shopping for the food and cooking the
meals.  I guess eating the meals wasn’t torturous but I could have had more
fun without the whole eating ordeal for the week.  There weren’t any hurt
feelings or major injuries or anything.  That’s always a relief.   After
Ryan got done with the tree house (he added more floor space to it) he put a
big cargo-net above it so that kids and adults alike could climb around in  and
on it like a spider’s web over the tree house deck.  That Ryan sure thinks
like a kid.  I told you before that he’s a twelve year old in a man’s body.

I’m driving with dad tomorrow to install an organ in Jackson
Wyoming.  That will be nice to have some one on one time with my best friend
and not with a crowd for a change.  Did you get the package that Jill sent
you while she was here?  You’ll probably get sick with all the candy we’ve
sent you in the mail but what else do you send in a care package?  We want
you to know that we “care”.

I just read the “novel” that dad wrote you today and I’m going
to make it easy and close early.  A boy only has about a half an hour on the
computer for pete’s sake!

I love you with all my heart,


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