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Re: Weekly Letter 9/28/09

Hey hey, you would be so proud of me, I totally washed my sheets last week,… for the first time since I have been out, but I did, wash them. Haha seriously though, I am like the only cleaner in our apartment, so I am always doing the dishes, and scrubbing the tub, and the sinks and the toilets, and just about every thing else, but I guess thats what p-days are for. My comp and I are still getting along great, we have a ton of fun together. I don’t know if I told you last week, I think I did, but we are teaching a guy brad, who has been in jail and prison for the last three years for selling drugs and stealing cars, but he went to church with us last week, so that was awesome. We are working on getting him to stop swearing, and other stuff… like stop drinking, smoking, doing pot, ummm living in sin with his girl friend, and some other things, from the outside, seems kind of hopeless, but his girlfriend wants to get married to him, and adopt her sisters baby, so hopefully that will give him some incentive to turn his life around. The microfiber towel is great, I use it every single day. It is super good, like a sham wow or something. Haha that is hilarious, I love primary programs our ward is working on theres, I think they are going to do it after conference, which I am totally stoked for. We got an less active sister to go to a youth fireside last night, which was great, I think she is going to come to church one of these days, she keeps committing the night before, but she never makes it. she said she is scared of starting something, and then failing again, but we explained to her that it doesn’t matter whether she succeeds or fails as long as she is trying, it was an awesome lesson, and we had our best recent convert there teaching with us, and she was in tears from like half way to the end of the lesson. I have realized out here, that getting a less active back to church is just as good as a baptism, even thought that was pretty hard for me to accept.. Haha, I keep thinking we are getting close to a baptism, and then out of no where, we cant get a hold of the people that we are working with, or the just wont show up to church ūüė¶

So you guys are over at Jills this week right? you should totally froward my emails over to them as well, I know that my emails are not all that spiritual, but I think that any missionary news is uplifting. And they have done there part and a half in sending me mail, ya, it is pretty much awesome being a new missionary out here and getting so much mail. Well cool cool, I am way glad that you acted on your prompting, and I know that you will not only be blessed for helping your old friend out, but also blessed for acting on a feeling of the spirit, seems like the more sensitive you are to the spirit, the more alert you will be to the unknown. Well thanks again for all the mail you guys send me, it really helps to boost me up! Oh, so did I tell you about the smoothies I have been making, since I have a couple extra minutes any way. ¬†My comp is (was) kind of a health nut, so he makes smoothies every morning, and they used to all be pretty healthy, but now we add ice cream to them, and other stuff, but in my own, I put spinach, which really doesn’t effect the taste all that much and flax seed from a member, oh, and it was my companions ¬†birthday this week and we got a cake the night before, and icecream cake, and went out to lunch and got a cake, and then we went to dinner that night and got a third cake, and the the saturday after we got a forth cake. haha, theses members really know how to take care of the missionaries. So I want to hear about dad’s new calling, you should totally hook me up with info about that


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Weekly Letter 9/28/09

Dear Elder Hansen,

Wash your sheets and pillow case.  No company is coming over to stay in your bed for two years so I thought I might teach you how often your sheets
should be washed.  Every other P Day is sheet/pillowcase wash day.  By the
way, how did that micro towel ever work out?  Is it decent or is it a total
waste of money? ¬†Inquiring minds want to know. ¬†If it’s a waste, then hit
Wally World and buy another decent towel. ¬†Life’s too short to not enjoy the
good stuff:)

Kayla, Lexa, Gma and I went to Joni’s Sacrament Meeting yesterday to watch
the Primary Program that she wrote.  They had ten little Sunbeams and they
were so cute.  The teachers had put a piece of masking tape on the little
half wall that they all stand behind.  They told them all to stand and cross
both hands on the tape while they were up there. ¬†I’m sure that was to keep
them from touching each other and being distractive. ¬†I didn’t work! ¬†Oh
man, it was funny!  One kid was taking a nap on his tape.  Another was
playing the drums with his (both hands, just like instructed).  One kept
peeling his tape up and sticking it back down the whole time.  One little
boy put his elbows on the wall, dropped his little chin in his hands and
never sang a word the whole time.  My girls and I were cracking up the whole
time.  Their talks were equally as funny.  Some were astronauts with helmets
on when they talked into the mike (couldn’t understand a word). ¬†Others just
stood there with the “deer in the headlights” expression and never did come
up with their lines, even though they were being whispered into their ears.
It’s fun to be a not-mom. ¬†It’s a whole lot funnier when it’s not your kid!
I told Joni that people pay good money for less entertainment than that.

I finally acted upon the prompting to check on Julie R*****. ¬†I don’t know
if you know her or not.  I used to pick up her mom for church and take her
with us in a wheelchair.  Her mom was dying and had to live with Julie for
the last little while. ¬†The mom was very active in the church and didn’t
want to miss church but Julie is not active at all and didn’t want anything
to do with church. ¬†That’s why we’d take the mom with us. ¬†Julie was always
kind and grateful for our service to her mother.  When the mom died, I just
haven’t kept touch with Julie (she’s 55 yrs.old). ¬†The last couple of months
I’ve been feeling like I should stop in and check on her. ¬†She’s still
living with the same Mormon-hater she was six years ago next to Stear’s on
Country Club Road.  Anyway, Dad and I stopped by yesterday while we were
riding our bikes.  Sure enough, she could use a friend that could help her
out. ¬†She didn’t say that, but I offered anyway. ¬†She had a hip replaced in
June and is going to have the other replaced in five days. ¬†Her “husband”,
Lyn, is taking the first four days off but then she’ll need help after
that.  I really feel like I would like to relight the gospel flame in her
life.  She lives a pretty rough life.  She works in the Juvenile
Correctional Facility in Idaho Falls so she’s always had to be tough. [content deleted]¬†¬†I still think that¬†with time the walls could be broken down and she could be softened and enjoy¬†the full joy of the love of her Savior. ¬†We’ll see. ¬†Alma didn’t soften King¬†Lamoni over night. ¬†It takes a lot of love and service to penetrate concrete¬†walls.

See what your missionary spirit is doing to our home?  You are such a
wonderfull example, son.  I love you with all my heart and pray for you always!  Hugs and kisses,


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Weekly Letter 9/24/09

Whats up team Awesome! Still on a mission, and still stoked to be out here, sorry I didn’t get back to you guys sooner, this week has been busy busy. ¬†I don’t know if I told you guys last week, but last week we moved into a new apartment, because we got four new elders. Our new apartment has a 36in flat screen TV, and all the managers were all kinds of worried about us watching it and stuff, but we assured them that we had “locked our hearts” haha. We have two new elders and they are both super hard workers. One of them is a greenie and he is hilarious. He has a crazy imagination, and he is always doing off the wall things, but it is hilarious. The other guy can do a black man voice that is hilarious. I think I just need to send my card home every once in a while, so you guys can see my companions, and stuff and maybe you can copy it to our computer and send the card cleaned off, back. We are working with a new guy this week, Brad he was tried as an adult at 17 for selling drugs, and was in jail for a year and in prison for two. He is pretty rough around the edges, but he is the nicest guy you would ever meet, and would do anything for anyone. We taught him about prayer, and reading, and he actually read his scripture assignment, which really doesn’t happen all that often. Our only investigator that I would consider “progressing” is this lady Suzie, but we can only meet with her every other week, so that kind of puts a damper on things. I am officially not a Green-e any more, and I am kind of feeling it, I am working my hardest to keep my fire going, and wake up right when the alarm goes off ;).. ¬†Oh, so with the new guy, last night, we started playing a game, which I hear is kind of like dungeons and dragons or something. but he starts telling a story, and then he involves us all, and asks us whether we want to open the chest, or go right or left, and stuff like that, but we don’t have an actual game or anything, it is just the Green-e making it all up out of his head. good stuff. Ok so funny story for the day, we had a plan kind of back fire on us, we have a ward missionary that likes to talk a lot, and sometimes gets off topic, and I swear he doesn’t even breath when he is talking, because we can never get a word in edgewise, so we have a lady that we are teaching as well, that the same thing is going on, but she is like way hipped up on coffee and riddilin, or something every time, because she says that if she doesn’t take it that she will just fall asleep in the middle of the lesson, but I think she is full of it. So we figured that we could counter her talking, with his talking, so we called him before, and had him prepare a thought for the lesson and everything, but the coffee lady (Yvonne) was like fifteen minutes late, and we told him that we only wanted to stay half an hour, but I guess by the time she got out there, he had totally forgotten about it, because they talked and talked and talked. It was crazy, and we cut in and interjected, and everything but to no avail, needless to say, we were there for two hours. haha I guess live and learn. Well dad, I am stoked and a half for you to be the ward mission leader, that will be awesome, we were trying to get our last one to get more gung-ho about the circle of love, but I dono, he just wasn’t my idea of a leader… so we got a new one, and he is awesome, but he has been in the bahamas for the last two weeks (don’t you wish you could be doing that) so we have not had very many meeting with him yet. Oh, I am pretty sure that I am training next transfer, so in like four weeks, so I am way stoked for that, I think I will be a bomb trainer, but I guess time will only tell. Bri I am stoked that you are getting ready for a mission, if it is the lords will, it will work out. Wooo love you guys! PS thanks for the letters as well!

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Re: Weekly Letter 9/14/09 (Dad)

Ah, nice, I was thinking about “set apart” the other days as well. Like how bread is bread, but once it is blessed, it can take away our sins, and how olive oil, is just oil, but once it is blessed, or set apart, it can heal the sick and be God’s power on earth, even the same way, I am just a normal guy, but being blessed and set apart, I can, and am expected to, not only work miracles, but totally change lives around me. Thanks for being so diligently in writing me, Love you best friend.

Elder Hansen

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Re: Weekly Letter 9/14/09

Ah man, Grandma, what a prankster. That is hilarious. John emailed me the other day, I think his mission president might be more lackadaisical then ours or something, but that is crazy. We have some missionaries that break some rules, but no one as bad as meeting a girl on the roof at one in the morning, that is crazy ness. Oh would you guys put my mission address on face book for me so that people can write me if they want to, I know you guys have been awesome at writing me, but more letters never hurt, haha. Transfers are past, and I am still with my awesome companion elder Sandberg, Work is really picking up, and we are getting along great, we have a ton of fun together, and both of us are striving for perfect obedience That is awesome that the girls are doing miss russet, they will be great at it. Hey it rained yesterday, and today, just a little bit, but I hear it is going to rain a bunch more, so I am way stoked for that, I am not sure if I am going to need my rain coat yet, but maybe. We have been way busy, and we have a ton of miracles every day, seriously we are like Hmm for some reason, we should go here… and then we like find a new amazing investigator or something, awesome. People here are like super super busy, we schedule like 21 lessons and usually only about 6 of them are actually home, haha, but it’s all good, because it always opens up time for other activities. Oh the letter I wrote to KB was all in like scripture talk, like, and it came to pass that I elder Hansen made an end to my speaking concerning this matter. and stuff like that. I talked to president and I think that I am going to be training next transfer, so I am way stoked for that.

Things that I have learned from my new companion, that leadership, is all about presentation, and that missionary work is all about making people, better people. I know that that sounds obvious, but I was pretty hesitant to work with less actives at first, because I was like, well just let the ward take care of it, it is home teachers responsibility anyway, but now I have really had my eyes opened to how getting a less active back to church is just as good as getting a baptism. Seriously, we are working with a pair, Eva and Corche, and we go over and teach them every week, and challenge them to read together, and pray as a family, and we are working on articles of faith with them, it is way awesome. Another thing I was thinking about the other day, we always challenge people to look, and pray for missionary experiences, and everyone is always looking for opportunities to teach, but if you think about it, member missionary work is finding and fellowshipping, and full time missionary are the teachers, so if you find a new person to be a friend to, even before you present the gospel you have found a missionary opportunity. Sounds like dad is going to be a ward missionary that sounds like a blast! Love you guys, thanks for praying for me, and I LOVE YOU!

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Weekly Letter 9/14/09

Dear Elder Hansen,

It’s so good to hear from you! ¬†I checked my email both Monday and Tuesday
of last week and didn’t get anything so I didn’t think to check it again. ¬†I
told dad that we hadn’t heard from you again for the second week in a row
and we left it at that.  Now today I come to write to my favorite missionary
and low and behold there is a happy-gram waiting to be opened and read!
What a lovely surprise.  We love you so much, son.

John M***** had a message on face book this morning saying that he caught his¬†companion on the roof with a girl at one in the morning. ¬†I have no idea why¬†John would feel like he should share that kind of private information to the¬†general public instead of just the appropriate channels. ¬†He shouldn’t even
be on facebook.  Kayla P***** has disciplined him verbally once already and
told him he shouldn’t be doing that on his mission:) ¬†We thought that was
kind of funny.  Anyway, I guess John still has a lot of growing up to do.  I
hope you aren’t getting too beaten down by negative comments like, “satan
worshippers” and stuff because if you need me to come out there and bang
some heads, you just say the word…you know I would!

Seriously, life here is just as you left it.  I have bread rising on the
cupboard, Kayla and Lexa are involved in the Miss Russet Pageant.  Kayla
dances the Waltz and both girls sing with the Show Choir.  They are both in
the school play that is in October and they both still have piano lessons
every Monday.  Lexa has been working really hard on a super hoodie doodie
hard piece for competition in November and is playing it at Spud Days on
Saturday for practice.  The girls both worked at the scone booth at the fair
for Key Club one night and Show Choir another night.

Grandma Dorothy scared the living heebie jeebies out of us at Stake
Conference yesterday. ¬†We sit in the Relief Society Room on the soft¬†chairs. ¬†So we are on the back row right in front of the accordian doors¬†that covers the font when she started taking off her sweater. ¬†I said, “are¬†you too hot”? ¬†Her skin was all clammy and then she threw back her head,¬†twitched, went stiff and was unresponsive with her eyes open. ¬†I put my arm¬†around her and talked to her but she looked dead. ¬†Jeff and Brielle and I¬†looked at each other in alarm and said, “now what do we do?” ¬†We really¬†thought she had either just had a stroke or she was dead! ¬†I kept asking¬†Brielle, “Is she breathing?” ¬†Finally she dropped her head down on my lap¬†and started snoring…we all sighed a huge sigh of relief and let her sleep¬†through the rest of the meeting. ¬†She woke up at the end and said how much¬†she had enjoyed the meeting and we went home. ¬†Dad and I haven’t stopped¬†laughing about it. ¬†We really thought she had died in Stake Conference.


So you’re not missing much, same old stuff ūüôā

Know how much we love you and are proud of you and your choices. Continue to be the kind of missionary your mother thinks you are.  Hugs and kisses, sweetie,


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Weekly Letter 9/14/09 (Dad)

Hey Elder Hansen,

How goes the work?  Did you get transferred?

Local news: Keegan gave the opening at Stake Conference today and did a
really great job.  Kyle G***** got his mission call to Santa Rosa, CA.
Paul F***** was put on the high council today. I got a new calling but I
haven’t been sustained yet so I can’t say exactly what it is. It will be
very similar to what you are doing only on a ward level. I’ll let you know
next week. ¬†I will be released from all my scouting jobs ūüė¶ ¬† We froze
almost 52-2cup bags of corn out of our garden and Joni’s garden. ¬†We
canned 54 quart bottles of fresh peaches that we got from Patty H*****.
Next I think we’ll do frozen carrots.

Kara B. said that she got a great letter from you that was so funny that
she was laughing so hard that she could almost not finish the letter.  She
said that if you ever struggled in English in school you would never know
it now.

I was reading in PMG page 4 about your calling as a missionary and that
you were set apart as a missionary. You received the right and privilege
to represent the Lord.  You were set apart from sin, apart from the
carnal, apart from everything that is crude, low, vicious, cheap, or
vulgar.  Set apart from the world to a higher plane of thought and

I thought this gave great meaning to being set apart.  We hear it so often
at church but don’t give much thought to it.

Have a great week.

Love you tons.

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