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What would you like to express with your tie?  Give some more detail than that.  Nice ties?  Weird ties…what?



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Re: Weekly letter 10/26/09

What The! I haven’t gotten an email from Bri Yet… But that is way awesome, Bri really needs a challenge. In the MTC it seems like you really just want to get out in to the mission field, but in all reality, just being there is a great learning experience. Every one is super obedient in the MTC, which makes the work go smoothly, and spirit very strong. I get MTC sick once in a while like Elder Hillam was telling us in an email, but I am still loving it out here. So I have been in my first area, Roseville 5th ward for four and a half months now, and my current companion elder Sandberg, is going home after next transfer, so we figured that I was going to be Shotgun training a greenie in a new area, and he would be training in our area, or just have a new companion for our area, but to both of our surprise, I am staying here, and he is going Zone Leader, which is crazy because he has never been district leader, or trained, and he is going to zone leader, to be trained in zone leadership for a transfer, and then to go home. But good news about me staying…… I am Training! Woo Hoo, I am so stoked to have a companion that is as excited about missionary work, as my trainer elder Allred was. I am a little anxious that I don’t quite know enough yet, but I am sure that this will be a great opportunity to get to know everything that much better. Oh haha, so funny story for the week, we had the primary activity and one of the boys probably about hunter and weston’s age, went up and did his little part, and then he got right up to the mic and was like “beeeooooooop” and like melted down behind the podium lowering his voice as he went down. It was way funny, and everyone was cracking up, bet those parents were sure proud haha. Oh, thank you guys for the Carmel, I had a couple of peices, and consecrated the rest to the apartment, it is nice to know that you guys still love me. I don’t really eat that much sugar out here, because I am trying to kind of get un-hooked from it, (except for dessert at dinner of course), but ya… don’t want to be un-grateful or anything,  but ya… Oh, so ya know how I never know what to ask for, for Christmas…. ya, if anyone is wondering what to get me by chance, ties are gold out here, and really the only way that we get to express ourselves, so ya, keep your eyes open. 🙂 Well love you guys ton’s and I am stoked and a half to here about bri’s call, I am looking foward to the day we all, as a family can go through the temple together!

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Dear Elder Hansen,

I keep starting my emails with Jake or something much more casual and then having to go back and formalize it:)  I am so proud to call you Elder Hansen.  What an honor to be your mother.

You didn’t mention caramels last email.  Did they come?  Were they stale and nasty?  Inquiring minds want to know how home-made things do in the mail.  I might want to send you leftover turkey and stuffing next month, you never know.

I’m sure Bri has told you about her call to Bucharest Romania. She made me promise not to pray her into the United States.  She desperately wanted to learn a foreign language.  (Always having to challenge that brain of hers.)  Well, she got her wish.  Now she has to learn to speak Romanian.  She’ll also be staying in the MTC for three whole months!  She enters the MTC on Feb. 10th and won’t leave until May.  Uggg.  She went shopping Saturday and has already gotten herself a wool coat (used $15), a rain coat (used $15) and some nice comfortable shoes (new $100).  Annie gave her four dark skirts she can wear and now she only needs to buy a couple more blouses.  She already got her interview with the bishop and the stake president Sunday for her temple recommend.  She can’t wait to start going to the temple on a regular basis like you did.  Thanks again for being a good example.  This time I’ll know to hang out [content deleted] longer so that she can enjoy her first time there:)

Life here is good.  Kayla has been more than generous with Lexa for the first quarter at school and would now like Lexa to find her own set of friends.  Kayla would like her to stop eating at her table every day at lunch and quit hanging out with Kayla’s friends all the time.  The problem is that Kayla and her gang are in Show Choir with Lexa and were in the play with her also.  I told Lexa that her Freshman year is a difficult transition year.  I told her that you had a lonely Freshman year too.  She’s used to being at the top of the totem pole in school and being popular and now she’s a little fish in a big pond.  Tears were shed last night and today I’m praying that she’ll find her niche.  Next year will be a lot easier when the kids her age come over from the other school but until then, it might be a long school year.

Grandma Dorothy is still healthy and doing well.

Dad and I sang an Oklahoma song together at the talent show – Dutch oven cook-off on Saturday.  We felt very brave.  It was fun.

I love you, my sweet son.  Keep your spirits up and enjoy the journey!


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Re: Weekly Letter 10/19/09

Hey family, I sent my pictures out yesterday, so you should be getting them this next week. I don’t know if I told you or not, but when I got my hair cut the first time in the mission field, it was by a togan, brother fapula. He gave me a buz cut of about #2 or #3 and my conpanion as well, they were the worst hair cuts ever, they are in the pictures but I don’t think the pictures do them Justice. Last week weather finally caught up to us. On Tuesday it was pouring and blowing way hard, there were broken trees everywhere. Two or three ward members lost there trees and our investigator Yvonne lost a 30 or 40 foot high tree on to her car. We went over Wednesday to help her out and it dumped on us then as well. It only rained for about 30 minutes on wensday, but we were out for the whole time, riding over to her house, and by the time we got there, we might of well of jumped into a pool. We sawed a bunch of branches, and we finally go to her car and it was un-scratched. It was truly a miracle, especially for her, because she is really hurting for money right now. I think the tree fell, and then rolled onto her car or something, I don’t know, but it was amazing.

Second miracle of the week we got Corche out to church this week, and she even brought her friend Josie. Corche could be Rachel V*****’s twin, but she is a Hispanic black mix, but the personality is totally the same.

So last night we were talking to a part member family, in which the wife is a very active primary, leader, and the dad has no believe in God, except that some force started the big bang, that could be compared to God. We watched the work and the glory with him, and tried to explain the importance of the gospel, but he says that he has tried the whole praying thing, and it is not working for him. I attempted the same analogy that was used in conference about the painting, how every stroke is obedience to the gospel and that after one or two strokes you can’t attempt, to step back and see the painting, that is where faith comes in to just continue doing what you have been told, and you may not see the end result in this life, but you will see a picture, or purpose start to appear as you move forward with faith. I don’t think he was totally convinced, and I longed to have the spirit carry my words into his heart, but I don’t know if he will make a place for it yet. We are going to try and watch the mountain of the lord with him next week, and hopefully he can see the big picture. Anyway’s thats pretty much all that’s new, Thanks again for writing me, and just remember you are the habits you create.

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Weekly Letter 10/19/09

Dear Elder Hansen,

It’s a rainy overcast day today.  But life is good, even if the weather
isn’t.  Today is the last performance for Kayla and Lexa’s melodrama.  It’s
been a lot of fun for both of them but just like everything else worthwhile,
it takes a lot of time.  They are getting to be better and better actors all
the time.  Jordan made a marvelous villian and Stacey Haroldson was a very
convincing obnoxious child.  Sara Roy played the part of a candy cook and
pulled it off flawlessly.

Steve C*****’s dad died this past week and so did Floyd’s wife,
Jackie.  Jeff’s headed there today and will attend the funeral tomorrow.  I
would have gone but this is my day to take care of grandma and I can’t

Life stays busy even though it’s just ordinary things like piano
lessons, mutual, play practice, scouting for food, Pack Meetings, visiting
teaching, etc.  It doesn’t seem like amazing things are being accomplished
but we’re doing stuff as a family and that’s what really matters.  Ryan paid
us the ultimate compliment this week in my oppinion.  He said that the
spirit could be felt in our home.  If I don’t accomplish anything else in
this life then that is enough.  I was touched by his words.

So how are you and your world going.  Have you had to take down any
more of your companions and torn any shirts again lately?  Where are you
getting your hair cut?  Please tell me you’re getting better ones than that
first one in the MTC!  I’m sorry but that one was close to a disaster 🙂  I’m
waiting with baited breathe for those pictures I keep hearing about.  It’s
like when you’re pregnant.  It’s not real until you get to actually hear the
baby’s heart beat.  That happens at about nine weeks and I’ve been waiting
for four months and still haven’t received any sign of “life” from you.
Make a trip to the post office today, how about?  What’s the point of
pictures if you hord them all to yourself, I say!

Don’t let your mom give you too hard of a time.  You know I love you to
death and am terribly proud of you.  Thank you for being a rule follower and
doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Bappy is getting so fat that when he jumped up on the shelf in the
kitchen, behind the back door, it fell down and everything on it broke!

Love you, sweetie,


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Re: Weekly Letter 10/12/09

Haha no worries, I am making good food choices, everyone makes fun of my smoothies, but I feel better then everyone else, so hopefully I can rub off on them. I will send you pictures of some of my food creations… not all of them edible.. I think I will send my my card home this week so you guys can see my companions, which I will be getting a new one in two weeks, and crossing my fingers to be a trainer, but II guess we will see how that goes. I think you are doing just fine, but it never hurts to try to hone yourself to perfection, as long as you don’t get translated before I get home. So I am working with this less active mom and daughter, Eva and Corche, (cor-shae) and Corche wants to go back to church, but her mom alwasy makes an excuse when the day actully comes around… and it seems like eva wants to go to church as well, because we have had spiritual thoughts with her, and had her in tears, and then commit to come to church, and then the next day we are sitting in church, and we get a text “oops slept in till 1:19 how ironic” more like how annoying… haha. Well anyway, we are praying for her to be humbled, so…. guess we will see how that works out. Any advice? Anyway, love you!

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Weekly Letter 10/12/09

Dear Elder Hansen,

Life is full of everyday choices.  Every single day we decide whom we will
serve.  Will it be the almighty dollar, the weaknesses of the natural man?
After listening to conference I am remotivated and rededicated to turning my
life back to the Lord.  What if I pretended that I too was on a mission (a
life mission) like my dedicated son and soon to be daughter and asked my
Heavenly Father what he would have me do every day.  It’s so easy to go
through the regular routine  and not take the time to look around you and
seek the will of the Lord and long to serve others.  I felt like the theme
of General Conference was love and service.  They really do go hand in
hand.  If you serve someone, you learn to love them.  If you love someone,
you are eager to serve them.  Hand in hand.

In order to serve you need to be fit in all four catagories, physically,
intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.  Right now in your life you are
spiritually fit because if you are following PMG then you are studying the
scriptures daily.  You are also intellectually fit because you are learning
new things in your daily life.  Emotionally I would assume you are okay
because you are out socializing with the community and trying to share the
gospel.  However, remember to love yourself first and then it will be easier
to love others.  Let the little mistakes that you make (and we all do on a
regular basis) run off of you like water off a duck’s back.  The one aspect
I tend to worry most about you is physically.  If you are eating fresh
spinach and eggs and whole wheat bread (yes, pay more if you have to) then
you will be able to serve better.  I was thrilled to hear about the smoothies.  That’s my boy!  If you FEEL good then emotionally you’ll have more to give.  Remember, beans and rice together in a meal is a complete protein 🙂

I think you’re wonderful.  Your sisters think  you are wonderful.  Your father holds you high and respects you like a saint.  Be nice to yourself and praise yourself for your efforts every single day.  When you see your reflection in the mirror, smile and mentally say something positve.  Above all, remember that Jesus loves you personally and is aware of how you feel. He too has served a mission and felt all the joys and discouragements that go along with it.  I am praying for you every single day.  Have faith and keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Lots of smothering hugs and kisses,


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