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Hey, My Thanksgiving went great as well, we went over to a Soloano Family and ate with them, and they sent us home with about half the left overs, so we have been having turkey on everything for the rest of this week. I got sick yesterday, so I stayed home from church, to spare every one at church from getting the same thing, I slept from like 1:00 to 5:00 and then just kind of laid in bed the rest of the day, I drank about a gallon of water and took a bunch of eckanascha and some oil of oregano and today I am feeling much better. While I was laying in bed, I was pondering to myself how I can be a better teacher and bring people into the gospel, I started thinking what is the difference between our church and other Christian churches, and how do each one of them feel. Someone that we were teaching a while ago, said he knows that our church is not true because we are all like robots, and our church is very boring, he is from a pentecostal church, so there is quite a difference between people “speaking in tongs” and and having loud fun music, then us praying and trying to bring the spirit. There is a spirit in both churches, but the spirit is quite different. The thing I finally came up with is that there is a difference between fun and happiness. There church is a ton of fun to be at, there is singing and dancing and loud laughter, but our church bring happiness, because it invites the still small voice that encourages, and motivates us to do better. On the ship with Nephi and his brother’s, Lamen and Lemuel were doing something that may have seemed harmless, really they were just trying to have some fun, but this fun does not bring happiness. the mission president’s wife told us that Sacrifice is giving up something good, for something better, Out on a mission, we are giving up fun thing for two years, to bring ourselves true happiness, that way the rest of our lives we can see the difference between “just trying to have a little fun” and making others happy. I was also thinking of other things in my life, that are there to try and make the mission more fun, and realized that the advisary is the one trying to make us think that this life down here is just about having fun, or even that having fun brings us happiness, but such is not the case in most instances. Hmm take it for what it’s worth, its not doctrine or anything, just some stuff that I was thinking about. Well glad to hear you guys had a good time, it sound like a blast there. Just know that I know that the church is true, I know it, every time that I read the Book of Mormon, I know it every time I have a prayer answered, and I know it even more everytime I record how the Lord has had a hand in my life that day, in my Journal, I love you guys, Thanks for the support!

Elder Hansen


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Weekly Letter 11/30/09 (Dad)

Hey Elder Hansen, Thanksgiving was pretty good. We did play volleyball until we couldn’t walk. Ryan, Shawna, & Malinda weren’t there to play ultimate v-ball but the Spanish and English missionaries were there. After playing for four hours the Fieldings came over with some of their family and then we played at least 2 hours of ultimate volleyball. The Spanish missionaries came over Sat. night to eat turkey noodle soup with us and Tyler & Cheryl were here. I hope we didn’t traumatize the Missionaries too much. Tyler was really on one. It was probably a journal entry for them. Our anniversary is today on the 30th. We have been married 24 years and still loving it. Today was the ward sing-a-long so we spent the whole entire sacrament meeting singing our favorite hymns. Yes, It did turn out to be a primary kids hymn sing but they did pick out some good songs. I only got to the third song before my eyes started to sweat. Dec. 3rd is your 6 month anniversary. What are you going to do? Burn a tie or a shirt or nothing? Scripture thought for this week. D&C 121:46. The Holy Ghost shall be thy constant companion. Love you tons, Dad

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Re: A little more

Hey, Family,
Sorry I don’t have time to write much, thank you so much for all the uplifting email’s. This week, was more of a preparation, week then power house lessons all the time, but it was important just as well. We had a training session to make sure that we were still having a good time training the new missionaries, and one of the biggest thing that came to me while sitting in those meetings, is if there is a big problem it needs to change, but we need to not sweat the small stuff, because it changes with time.  Thank you guys so much for writing to me, and emailing me, Tell jared sorry for not writing him back, and I think Jill was wondering what to get me for Christmas, tell her a nice tie, would be more then enough! oh BTW thanks for the ties that you guys got me, ummm it was the thought that counts…. Haha jk You guys are awesome, and I love you, oh “Crofts and Borrow”, and “Wembley” ties are my favorite, and I am into pretty ties more then ugly ties now, haha, umm internet would probably be the best place to look for ties, because I am sure that they would be a lot cheaper, and I don’t think any stores sell wembley’s  anyway, love you guys, presents really aren’t that important to me, I was just giving you ideas… Last thing, sorry to waste time, on something so un inportnant, and un uplifting, but a deep royal purple tie would be awesome from santa 🙂
Love you guys tons, and you are the best family ever!

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A little more

Thanksgiving is going to be lame this year so don’t get home-sick on Thanksgiving day.  Ryan is going to be in Driggs with Sheridan.  Shawna has to stay home and cook for her family every other year and this is the other year.  Malinda is going to Vernal with Mickey and his family.  Becky has a new boyfriend in Utah that she’s spending Thanksgiving with and Martin said he’s not coming if Malinda and Ryan aren’t going to be there so…slim pickins.  Who will Joni play volleyball with if Shawna, Ryan and Malinda are gone?  Weird.
We went to a concert/fireside that the missionaries put on last night.  They were the Spanish speaking missionaries in the district.  It was in Blackfoot.  They sang as a group, individually, with a guitar,  with just the piano, with a harmonica, with guitars, etc.  Most was in English and some was in Spanish.  It was mostly Hymns but also some stuff I hadn’t heard before.  They did a really good job.  It only lasted 45 minutes.  Perfect.  We took Julie and Julisa with us.
Jared turned in his papers last Monday so now it’s either a two or three week wait.  One week is already behind him and he should know by either this week or the week of Thanksgiving.  Kyle Gregory’s farewell was yesterday.  Julie said that in his talk he said that service is like wetting your pants…everyone can see what happened but you’re the only one that gets the warm feeling.  (Sick!  And from the pulpit, no less…whatever.)
I love you again,

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Weekly Letter 11/9/09 (Dad)

Hey Elder Hansen,
Holy cow do you realize how quickly your mission is flying by. Treat every day as if is your last month and do every thing you can to be successful. Do not even waste 1 minute. I was re listening to a conference talk about teaching the gospel. The speaker said that we are not just to pour information in but to inspire to:
1. Think about the subject.
2. Feel about what is being taught.
3. Do something about the principal being taught.

Pray to have more faith.
Ask Heavenly Father who he wants you to teach.
Knock on the doors of those the Holy Ghost inspires you to   teach.
Success is not measured just in numbers.
How do you measure ”that person’s life was changed I was their friend”.
Have conviction in your testimony. Let the fire within you kindle the flame of that new investigators knowledge of the gospel.
You are a great man and a great missionary.
I love you and I am so very proud of you.
Love, Dad

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Re: Weekly Letter 11/9/09

Good to hear that you guys are having the missionary’s over, that is a great way to get the spirit of missionary work into the home. I am absolutely loving training, I got the most obedient missionary ever. We are getting a ton of work done together as well, this last week we got a tenth of the missions weekly new investigators, a family of three, and two other guys we are now teaching. We have made a ton of opportunities to teach everyone as well, we don’t discriminate against anyone, any poor soul that crosses our path gets offered the restored gospel! We have a ton of fun together as well, sometimes we race to appointments, play “I spy with my little eye”, and try to stump each other with riddles as well. Before this transfer, I always felt that we weren’t doing our best, that we were doing good, but falling short, I talked to some other missionaries about it, because I was getting kind of frustrated, and it finally clicked when I read a talk in the October issue of the 2009 Ensign, it is called Truths and Lies, by Jennifer Nuckols. It was talking about not comparing ourselves to others, just compare your self today, to your self yesterday, or at the first of your mission. It was a really great talk, and I really think you guys should read it, even for a family home evening talk it would be awesome. Our latest family that we picked up is a family of three, the dad Thor, 16 year old daughter Devin and the nine year old son T.J. I think I already told you how we met Devin outside, and then her dad was really friendly to us when we came over, but after our first meeting with them, I turned to elder Hobbs, and was like, didn’t you recognize them? he gave me kind of a funny look, I said “those guys are our next baptism” we both got a pretty good laugh out of that. Other then that, we have talked to some nice people, and some crazy hippie people, but that is about it.
Love you guys!

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Man you are right on, I was just thinking about how a quarter of my mission is almost over, it is kind of a weird thought…
That is cool that you picked that out of the talk, that was one of the main focuses in the MTC was the Think-Feel-Do, Triangle. You are exactally right about needing stronger faith, I have done a lot of studying about Faith and Hope, and the other day our ward mission leader was talking to us, and then we had a talk in sacrament meeting about faith, and it came to me that you can almost replace the word faith with the word Confidence, knowing that it is confidence in the lord of course, when you say it, and then go a step further, thinking about a great way to obtain confidence in anything, it is from experience. Well anyway, last cool thought, commming from my ward mission leader, he said. Men and Women communicate differently (context of talking about working with a less active sister) Men communicate like you build a building, one layer upon the next until you have an end result, Women however communicate like you would paint a painting, every stroke can be different, and even in different places, but you have to give all the strokes the same value, and at the end just step back and look at the finished result.  Hmm, food for thought,
Love you so much, and thank you for exhorting me to do even better, and not waste a second!

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