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Re: Weekly Letter 1/3/09

Hey family, Elder Hansen here, just letting you know that I did get your messages, and all the packages. Sorry about the delay, I did get transferred last week, which was awesome. About a week ago the president called me up about ten in the morning, and said “Elder Hansen, I was wondering if you would do something for me?” I said yes, and he said that he was having some problems with some missionaries, in Rockland, and he needed to do an emergency transfer in the middle of the six weeks, so I packed up my stuff and about three days ago, I moved to Rockland. It is great here, I love my companion more then I have ever loved a companion before. He has been out about four months, Elder Skelley, and he is very obedient, loves to work hard, knows how to do good work, and very humble, willing to submit, to anything I ask. It is great, I know that this is going to be the best transfer I have had so far. Everyone in the apartment is into trying to keep the apartment clean, we have a testimony time with our companions, after planning in the evening, and then as the whole apartment, we bear our testimony and have a prayer together. Everyone gets up on time, exercises, Everything! Doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but I have not had an apartment yet, where everyone is trying to do there best. So evidence of the spirit being with us now more then ever, is a great guy, Mike that we met the other day. He is about 40 and he is a short Hispanic guy. We ran into him on the street, and he said that he is trying to turn his life around, and start to study the scriptures more. He actually really has a good outlook on life, especially since he will be spending the next two months in jail, because he turned himself in for drunk driving. He said he is actually excited about it though because that is two months he will be sober. We taught him out of the book of Mormon, and answered every question that he could think of, The spirit was very strong with us, and we were greatly blessed to be inspired with the answers. We told him that he was going to have some serious free time in jail, and that he should read the book of Mormon, and I think he will. I will be here most likely in two months, so hopefully I can pick him up then.
I got the Christmas packages, and the ties are beautiful. Thank you guys so much. Cortello family, I loved the ties you got me, haha, especially the fish tie, what an awesome thing, I hope you will forgive me though, one of the elders in the apartment, loved the fish tie as well, very much, so I gave it to him, and I think it was his favorite Christmas present, that he got, he seriously wore it for like three days straight after that. He would stand in front of the mirror and admire himself in it every chance he got. Also the hole punch is perfect, everyone uses it all the time, it is awesome.
Well other then that, Love my new companion, love my new ward, got a new bike frame from another elder for free, and life is just going great right now!
Love you guys
Elder Hansen


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Weekly Letter 1/3/09

Dear Elder Hansen,
Every Sunday I continue to be impressed how many different ways there are to feel the Holy Ghost.  For example, when someone bears their testimony of journal writing and you think to yourself, “I want to start writing in my journal.”  Or when another person teaches about eternal families and you feel an internal longing to see your Father in Heaven and visit with Christ.  Who knew?  In primary I only remember being taught about the burning in your bosom and I still to this day don’t know if I’ve ever felt that.  I have learned to pray before I attend the three hour block and ask that I might feel the spirit of the Holy Ghost that day.  It works every time.
The bishop called and said that they are going to start a new tradition in our ward of having the missionary moms talk in Sacrament Meeting about their missionaries every January.  He said there would be six of us speaking.  Let’s see…Hillams, Hansens, Gibsons, Blakes, Marsdens and Fieldings.  Anyway, I said that I would be glad to be last so I could either fill in lots of time or just quickly bear my testimony, whichever is needed.  He said , “Thanks.”  Makes me sound like a hero but in reality you know dang well that a bunch of proud missionary moms are going to over talk their time and I won’t have to speak at all.  Besides, if it’s a new tradition then I’ll get the chance to do it again next January for both of my missionaries.  Maybe I can ask to be first that year and take up all the time myself:)
Brielle taught out of the new Gospel Principles Manual for Jeff’s Gospel Essentials Class.  I thought she did a really good job.  There were about fourteen of us in the class.  She didn’t pace or wring her hands or act nervous in any way.  She encouraged class participation and she validated their comments.  I was impressed, especially for the lack of stress and preparation she put into it.  She cracked open the book on Saturday night, went over it again Sunday morning and that was it!  That little stink has always been able to cram at the last minute and still get smokin’ hot results….annoying.  I do believe she will be a good missionary.  That is, if she doesn’t murder her first harmonal “blonde, bimbo, barbie doll” companion.  That’s all I worry about.
I’m sending you a couple of pictures of us making snowmen in the front yard with Julisa F. and Kaitlin K. on Saturday.  The pink blob is the baby in the mommy snowman’s arms and the sticks stabbed in the daddy snowman’s head are supposed to be hair. (Jeff’s addition, besides the HUGE arms)
I’m assuming that since we didn’t get a letter from you last week that you got your first transfer.  If so, tell us about it.  I still want to know if you got any ties from us or from Cortellos for Christmas so write me back about that, OK?
I love you, sweetie,

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