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Weekly Letter Thurs. Feb 25, 2010

Hey you guys!  We aren’t allowed to say “guys” here, so it’s fun to call
you that.  The enter key on this computer doesn’t work so well, so this is
just going to be one long paragraph.  I wrote a note to Jacob as well, and
it’s at the end of this letter.  I don’t have very long to write, so I’m
going to keep it short here and send you an epistle by snail-mail.  Did you
get my last one?  I love getting letters from you–would you mind if you
kept sending me DearElders instead of emailing me?  That way I can read
them and think about how I want to respond while my timer isn’t counting
down.  I love you!  I feel like I’m just rambling on, making random subject
changes without the ability to make paragraphs or line breaks.  Well,
that’s about all I got.  Still on a mission.  Still stoked to be here.
~Sora Bri
Hey Jake!    So the enter doesn’t work on this computer, so this is going
to be a really long paragraph.  I was doing a workshop in the MTC
yesterday, and the teacher mentioned that he was from Rocklin.  Is n’t that
where you are?  He said that you should call up his parents and they would
give you a really great meal.  They are Chris and Stephanie Morgan of the
Rocklin 4th ward and their number is 916-624-9230.  Their son’s name is
Alex.  So anyway, how goes the work?  Are you still stoked to be there?  I
love you!   ~Bri

A couple of things that I forgot to say in the first email–I can’t send
home pictures from this computer, so you won’t get any for a few more
weeks.  Also, Janice Kapp Perry spoke to us in Relief Society last week
about the power and spirit of music.  It was amazing.  We sang a medly of
her songs in the middle of the meeting, and I definitely felt the spirit.
Also, do Cortellos know about DearElder?  I would love to get notes from
them sometime.  Well, that’s all.  I love you!  ~Bri.


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Dear Family,

Hey you guys!  The first week here has been super busy.  The food here is great and I usually eat way too much of it. 🙂 We’re supposed to get up at 6:30 at the latest, but I usually get up at 6:00 or 6:15 with my roomies.

There are five of us in our dorm – Sister Hooe is going to Seattle, WA English speaking, and Sister Christiansen is going to Edmonton, Canada (also English speaking.)  My companions are Sora Jay and Sora Humphries, who are both going to Romania with me.

Most days we have a half an hour of study time before breakfast, breakfast from 7:30 to 8:00, then class until lunch.  Then after lunch we have gym for an hour and class again until dinner.    After dinner we have study time until 9:30, then we go back to our dorms, write in our journals, and go to bed.  By lights-out at 10:30 I’m whipped.

My district is made up of all the Romanian missionaries that arrived the same day I did.  We will all leave here about April 12 – just 9 weeks instead of twelve like I thought!  There’s another companionship of sisters – Sora Mudge and Sora Humphries – and two companionships of elders.  Elder Rasmussen (who is from Idaho Falls) and Elder Schafer (who is District leader) make up one companionship and Elder Olson and Elder Johnson make up the other.  Elder Johnson and Elson are our zone leaders.

Our zone is made up of us, the other Romanian District (the three of them got here six weeks ago), two districts of ASL-speaking missionaries, and a couple of districts of elders that are going to Texas and Florida.

Each district is also a class group.  My district spends the first half of our class time in Preach My Gospel and the scriptures and learning how to teach effectively.  The second half of class we spend learning Romanian.  So far we’ve learned how to pray; how to testify; past, present, and future tenses; how to declimate adjectives (gah!); and a whole bunch of verbs. However, we still have not learned how to make things plural or how to say “the”.  Apparently they’re both complicated.

Thursday (today) is P-day.  We went to the temple first thing this morning and it was great!  The Provo temple is a little odd-looking on the outside, but beautiful inside.  We had brunch in the temple cafeteria after the session.  After breakfast we went back to our dorm to change into our P-day clothes and have personal study time.  P-day is the only time we are allowed to have personal study in our dorms.  The rest of the time we are required to be either in our classroom or on the couch in the foyer of that building.  After lunch we did our laundry and right now Sora Jay is writing her family on the computer while Sora Humphries and I wait patiently for our turns.  After dinner P-day is over and we will have more class time.  Today is the only all week that we have class after dinner.  It will be hard to concentrate on what Sora Peterson (our teacher – she’s an RM of a couple of years ago from Romania) is teaching.

Usually after dinner we have three hours of study time.  The first hour is personal study time – we read in the scriptures or PMG by ourselves.  The second hour is companion study – we share what we found in personal study time and discuss what we can do to help our investigators (we teach in the Teaching Resource Center to “investigators” once a week on Mondays.) Then, finally, we have language study.  We’re not supposed to study Romanian during Personal or Companion studies.

Each week we’re given a topic to write a 5-minute talk about.  Last week it was Charity and Love (because of Valentine’s Day) and this week is Humility.  Then on Sunday, whoever’s conducting announces the elder and sister who will be speaking that week.  Not at the beginning of the meeting, either.  He announces it after the Sacrament – right before they have to speak.  Sunday is lots of fun, though.  We get to walk to the temple and wander around the temple grounds, and in the evening we have a fireside.  This Sunday’s was great – it was about focusing on our investigators, not on ourselves.

I loved getting letters from you all this week!  I got all three Tuesday at lunch.  Thank you for sending me Jacob’s update.  It’s nice to hear what he’s learning in the field so I can apply it to my life early. 🙂

In reading over Dad’s letter again, I realize that I forgot to say where my companions are from.  Sora Humphries is from St. George, UT and is the youngest of three, kind of.  She has a twin brother who is on a mission right now as well.  She has pin-straight brown hair.  Sora Jay is from Springville, UT and is the ninth of thirteen kids.  Yes, 13!  Her family has chickens and a goat and sends her at least one package or letter every day.  The joke in our district is “Let’s see how many packages Sora Jay got today!” 🙂 I get along with both of them very well.

I was doing really well at not missing home until I went to the temple today and there was no one to give me hugs as I got to the celestial room. 😦

I sure love you all and I definitely estoy feliz. 🙂 (am happy)


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Brielle, 2-11-10

Thursday 2-11-10
Dear family,
I made it!  After you guys dropped me off I went through a hamster maze picking up all sorts of stuff I apparently desperately need.  Then we had a couple of classes and dinner.  After dinner we had an activity to help us empathize with our investigators.  Then back to our dorm to unpack and lights-out at 10:30 PM.

I have two companions – Sora Humphries and Sora Jay.   They seem very nice and I look forward to becoming friends with them.

The beds are hard and I am quite sore this morning, but I will get used to it eventually.  The pillows are pretty flat, so I’m glad I had that poofy pillow cover you told me to bring, and the yellow pillowcase you told me not to:)

Thursdays are P-Day, but today doesn’t count.  I won’t get an email address until next Thursday.  I’ve enclosed a card with my physical address on it.

MTC Mailbox # 189
ROM-BUC 0412
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

I sure love you all!
Sora Brielle Hansen

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