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Hey mommie, Happy birthday,
I hope you got your gift of no contention on your birthday, that is always
what you asked for, and with two of your children being almost perfect, and
with the other two out on missions, you should be able to get your wish!
Jones and I had a cool/scary experience this week, we were eating dinner at
some ladies house this week, and Jones needed to use the bathroom, but she
locked her huge police dogs in the bathroom, so she had us go outside, and
she was going to put them in the back yard. Well after about two minutes,
we both could have sworn we heard her yell “come in” so we went back
inside, and closed the door, and just then, one of the dogs came bolting
around the corner, and he went for Jones leg, and just as he was about to
bite him, he yipped, and jumped back like some one had pulled his tail, or
hit his nose or shocked him or something. And then he just backed up, kind
of stunned, and the lady came around the corner, and grabbed him, and stuck
him out side. She came back in, and said “let me see your leg, where did he
bite you” but we told him that he had backed off, but she didn’t believe us
and wanted to see his leg.
We didn’t think much of it at the time, but we were talking about it later
that night, and I know that we were protected, it was pretty awesome.
Other then that we got our native American friends to come to a baptism,
and they really liked it, so I think they will be following in no time.
Jones and I are still loving being together, and we have about twenty
people that we are working with on almost a weekly basis, which is probably
the most I have been working with at one time. We are really being blessed
for our obedience, and it is a ton easier to have the spirit in lessons,
and all the time for that matter, when you love your companion.
Sounds like your hike was a blast, we are going to hit some caves up near
mount Shasta today, so I will tell you about that next week…

Love you guys, thanks for holding to the rod.


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Hey family, it is good to hear from you,

This week has been great, the Indian family that we have been working with
has been doing great, they got 5 new dogs, from a family that didn’t want
them, and they kept two of them, and gave three away. I think I told you
her old dog died of cancer, which she was devastated about. I sure wish
there was a scripture on animals making it to heaven with us, because that
would sure be comforting to a lot of people. We also talked to a really
nice couple of Jehovah Witnesses, that were probably in there 70’s, when I
came out, I was afraid that someone from another religion would shake my
testimony, but it is hilarious what people actually believe in. Talking to
others really reconfirms my testimony, because all the unanswered questions
they have about there own religion, can be answered with ours.

The Indian family that we are working with made it out to stake conference
this week, and thank goodness, it was a good one, They asked us after
church if now that they came to church, if we were going to stop coming
over. We got a good laugh out of that one. Don the husband is cranking
through the book of Mormon, and he loves it. He asked us if there were any
prophets between Moroni and Joseph smith, and we told him no. He asked us
what about all the Indian prophets, that taught everyone the “ghost dance”
and and tribal songs, and we told him, that everyone is entitled to
personal inspiration, but there were no prophets over the entire human
race. He seemed to accept it, and now that they came to church, they are a
lot more excited about learning.

It’s good to hear that Jessica’s mom misses me, I never got a letter back
from jessica, maybe I will send her another letter.

Well love you guys,

Elder Hansen

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Hey, I got my pictures to work!

Sora Owen bought a rug beater, so one morning for exercises we took our rug
out and beat the heck out of it.  It was way fun.  I have a movie, but it’s
not letting me attach it right now.  Maybe I’ll try later.

I also have a couple pictures of my new haircut!  The one of me in my
purple shirt is right after she cut and styled it.  She tried to blowdry
the ends under, and it honestly looks pretty ridiculous.  The other picture
of me in front of the mirror is the next morning when I wet it down and ran
my fingers through it to dry it.  It got a lot fluffier and all the ends
flipped out.  And I love it.  It looks a lot bigger in person, but that was
the best picture I got of it.

The next couple of pictures are of our branch activity–we went ice
skating!  We’re allowed (and encouraged) to go to branch activities if we
have an investigator there, and at this one we had two (and one of them
brought a friend).  The two girls on the back row in tank-tops are Bianca
(our investigator–with the darker hair) and her friend (whose name is not
Amber).  Our other investigator is the girl on the back row on the right
who’s not smiling (the stink).  The lady in front in the incredibly vivid
pink shirt (with matching shoes and bag) is Sora Corina, and she is
definitely a special soul.  She usually wears all white to church (and
English), but that day it was white and pink.  Sora Owen takes a picture
with her at church every week, and I’m thinking about starting to do the
same thing.  Last week she had a white sweater with dangly sequins on it.
She was definitely the sparkliest person there.

My last picture is of me all wet.  We were contacting in front of the
Church building (we actually have a building here in Brasov, did I tell you
that already?) and it all of a sudden started raining buckets.  When it
first started we could see the spots on the ground, and they were seriously
huge.  Like make-a-circle-with-the-thumbs-and-forefingers-of-both-hands
huge.  So we were completely soaked by the time it took us to dash to the
bus stop.  We had a lesson, so we ran home and changed really fast because
we knew that the lady that our lesson was with would yell at us for not
being prepared (not that anybody was, it was super hot all day).  Her name
is Delia.

Speaking of Delia, our lesson with her was very interesting.  She loves to
meet with the missionaries, but isn’t really interested in learning the
gospel.  We go and visit her every couple of weeks or so and practice
giving her lessons, because she knows both Romanian and English and is
really good about not just correcting our mistakes, but also telling us
better ways to say things.  And she also feed us :-).  Anyway, I was giving
her the first lesson about Joseph Smith.  In the beginning of the lesson
she said, “I know nothing about this.  Who was Joseph Smith.  Was he an
angel?”  Then as I was teaching her, every time I’d pause she’d ask
questions like “How did this Joseph Smith figure out he needed to pray?
Did he read it somewhere in the bible?” or “What happened next?  Did he
find something under a big rock?” and “How did he translate if he didn’t
know how to write?  Was there somebody writing for him?  Like the teacher
in the town?”  Also, when she’d correct me, she’d say it how it should be
said, and then forget that I was the one teaching and start teaching me the
lesson.  She was doing very well.  We told her that if she knew the lessons
that well, that she should come teaching with us.  Oh, Delia.

I love that you send me your daily journal entries–they’re not boring at
all.  I love hearing the little daily details of things you’ve done this
week.  Garage saling sound awesome, and it’s so typical of Shawna to make a
haul :-).  Good for Kayla for taking the ACT again, I hope she does really

I’m glad that the Beans are doing great with the missionary work.  I’m glad
they’re trying hard to involve the members–the missionaries can baptize a
hundred people, but if the don’t have a support system from the ward, it’s
so much easier for them to fall away afterwards.

We went to Buc Tuesday night for Zone Conference Wednesday, and it was SO
HOT!  I thought it was hot here in Brasov, but it’s nothing compared to
Buc.  I really hope I don’t get transferred there next transfer–I would
probably melt into a sticky little puddle, and then my companion would have
to clean me up off of the sidewalk.  Zone conference was awesome.  I gave a
talk about how the book of mormon changes lives.  Could they have made the
topic any more broad?  The conference talk that I based my talk on (that
was from 1988, even) just happened to be the same conference talk that Sora
Lundberg (the President’s wife) based her talk on, so every time she gave a
quote I flipped to that page in the talk that I printed out and read

Thursday we went English contacting in Centru for a while.  We teach
english classes for six weeks and then have a three week break.  During the
three week break, we have a bunch of little fliers for English and we’re
supposed to give them all out before classes start again.  So anyway, we
were passing out fliers in a park.  I went up to one young guy (probably
twenties) on a bench and gave him my schpeal and held out a card for him.
Instead of taking the card like any other normal human being, he leaned
forward and bit it to take it from me.  And it’s not like his hands were
full–he had both of them spread out on the back of the bench.  The

I also talked in Sacrament meeting this week.  I was informed that I would
be speaking Saturday right before lunch.  So we took an extra hour at lunch
for me to write it, and we came home a little bit early that night as well
because I wasn’t finished.  It took me forever to write, but I think I did
well.  I had one of the Romanians write down the mistakes I made so I could
work on them later, and she just made a list of words that I pronounced way
wrong.  Which means I didn’t make any glaring grammar mistakes, yay!  I
spoke on staying converted and used the talk by Elder Renlund of the
Seventy from the Nov 09 conference.

I love you all, and I’m excited to hear from you!

Sora Brielle

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Hey, Chuck gave me a hug from you, and it was probably one of the best hugs
of my mission, I could totally feel that it was from you.
The baptism was great. It was Larry and Kelly that got baptized. They are a
couple, with no kids, probably in there fifties. They used to take in
“problem” birds for people, so they have a couple parrots, and cockatoos.
One bites, one, is always making crazy noises, and one pulls its own
feathers out, weird. They are super friendly, and love to do service. They
help out at the cannery, all the time, and they weren’t even baptized yet.
We were helping move a lady out last night, and they were there helping
load up a truck. They are both super friendly, but Kelly is pretty shy. She
told us not to invite anyone to the baptism, but they announced it in
church anyway, so about a quarter of the 100 in the ward, showed up. She
was super nervous to get up and get confirmed in sacrament also, but she
pulled through. Larry comes from a line of Baptists that go clear back to
the Pilgrims coming to Plymouth rock, and he has still not told his mom
that he is even looking into the Mormon Church. That is going to be quite
the bomb shell.

Elder Jones and I are still getting along great. We are kind of slacking on
getting to bed on time though, because we always stay up and talk to each
other till like 11:00. He has a girl friend back home that he is like madly
in love with, and positive that he is going to come back and marry, so I
always joke with him, that I am going to go home 6months before him, and I
am going to date her.

I am sad that the memory card got lost, but it only had a months worth of
pictures on it, so it really isn’t all that big of a deal. But I will be
more careful next time.

I got the bread that you sent me mom, and I am excited to have home made
bread again for a while. I had my comp pick up the loaf to feel what bread
is suppose to feel like, and he agreed that it was really heavy.

Not too much new is happening up here, but it is getting really hot, I
don’t think it will drop below 90 this week, but they say that it is
usually like this starting two months ago, so we have been lucky.

Oh, so last night we helped this lady move out of an apartment like I said
earlier, what happened was, this older lady, who I don’t think has been to
church in probably a year or two, was having us come over, and read the
scriptures to her, and every time we went over there, she said that she was
going to die, so we would call in the evenings just to check up on her.
Well, we went to church yesterday, and they said they got a call from the
hospital early in the morning, saying that she was there. they said she is
not going to be able to live alone any more. She is moving in with her son
in southern California. The only thing is that her rent is going to expire
in like one or two days, so she needed everything in a moving truck, that
We all went over there as a ward, and got into her house, just as she left
it, and just started loading every thing into boxes, and scrubbing the
toilets, and sinks, vacuuming and everything.
Many hands really do make light work. We had everything she owned into a
moving truck in about two hours, and had her apartment spotless. The only
down side, is one of her son’s was there, and he said not to throw anything
away, so she has boxes and boxes of old nasty junk that they are going to
have to sort through on the other end.
Our other service project this week, was helping an old Indian guy paint
his mom’s house the brightest color of yellow that I have ever seen in my
life, which was fun too.

Well that’s all for now, but know that I love you guys.

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Yay, I love your crazy subject line!

Fast Sundays are hard here.  We start our fast Saturday right after
lunch and then eat Sunday after church–pretty normal.  The problem is
our lessons on Saturday night.  Members and investigators who have
been investigating for a while know about (or have heard about)
fasting, so we just tell them that we are fasting if they offer us
food.  But new investigators don’t, and it’s kinda rude to refuse food
when someone has offered it to you unless you have a really good
reason.  The lady we visited last Saturday offered us home-made
lemonade (sweetened with tree sap–it actually wasn’t bad.  Just
tasted a little like tree), and Sora Owen accepted without thinking
because she forgot we had started our fast already.  Then we
definitely couldn’t refuse it at that point.  So we just drank it and
figured the Lord understands.

It’s interesting, because people always offer us “suc” (juice) when we
go visit them.  But suc can really be anything–sometimes they bring
us home-made juice, like we had Saturday.  Sometimes it’s store-bought
suc, which is really good.  Sometimes it’s 7-up.  Sometimes it’s
Coca-Cola.  Sometimes it’s mineral water (although usually they call
mineral water “apa minerala”, not suc).  Sometimes it’s fruit tea, or
random plant tea.  Sora Owen said that one time they brought out what
looked like iced coffee, but was actually suc made entirely from tree
sap.  That sounded interesting–I’m excited to try it sometime.  It’s
always a surprise.

I haven’t had too much problem with the food here–it’s all pretty
good.  Of course, I don’t eat full meals with members or investigators
very often.  One of our English students made us a desert to take home
and try.  It had big squishy green bits in it that I really couldn’t
identify, but it looked like they were probably some kind of plant.
Sora Owen wouldn’t try it until I did, so I took a big bite.  I
figured it was a desert–how bad could it possibly be?  Pretty bad.
Bleh, it was awful.  We threw the rest away.  Another investigator
gave us a pot of soup she had made but couldn’t eat because she was
going out of town for a few days and it would have gone bad by the
time she came back.  There were actually two different kinds–the beef
and potato wasn’t bad, though a little greasy.  The chicken liver and
mushroom, however was a different story.  I turned the tables on S.
Owen and made her try it before I did.  She just about puked.
Needless to say, I didn’t try that one.  I can think of a whole host
of different things that I would rather put in my mouth than that,
including an entire Romanian phonebook.

I’m so excited that you got a camp director!  I miss girls camp.  You
guys will have so much fun.  Don’t stress out too much about having
every single detail planned–I know that with your brain it’s easy to
say and hard to do, but don’t forget to have fun as well.  You are a
great YW leader and the girls are lucky to have you.

I think it’s awesome that you made friends with the lawn boys next
door.  Isn’t it amazing how far a little act of service can go?


It sounds like you had lots of fun with your friends at your
end-of-school-and-therefore-free celebration :-).  As to missionary
work–just be friendly with people.  You said you’ve talked to people
about church before, and you’ve mentioned that it comes up in
conversations sometimes, so just say something like “do you want to
come on Sunday and see what it’s like?”  And if they say “no in the
heck way” don’t stress about it.  It’s not like they rejected you
personally, and you did good in making the effort.


Yes, working for the Man isn’t fun.  Yes, you have to do it anyway.
Stinks, huh?  Your other summer plans sound fun, though.  As does your
Sunday School teacher.  If she uses any awesome object lessons, pass
them on to me, ok?  We really like to use object lessons, but I’m out
of ideas.

I love you all!

Sora Bri

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Hey Family!
Another great week here in paradise (Redding CA, not to be confused with
paridise CA)
My comp and I are tearing it up, We have a baptism with a couple, and we
are going to try to set a date, with another couple.
People up here are pretty crazy, and a lot of them have nick names that
they go by, instead of real names, Aka, Scrappy, HotRod, and Smitty, a
couple people have asked us if we were cops, or policia (Spanish name for
The word of wisdom is a beast for people up here, I have met few non
members who do not smoke.
I wanted to thank you guys a ton for the pictures you sent me, My comp
thought it was hilarious that the school looks like a spud cellar.
A guy in my ward said that he is going to be going through Idaho Falls on
Tuesday evening or Wednesday, and he said I could send a box home, so I am
going to pack up a few heavy things, and send it with him. Hope that is ok,
I will give him your number dad, so he can get it to ya, or he could just
drop it at grand ma and grand pa’s house.
Other then that, just enjoying a perfect comp while it lasts.

Love you family,

Elder Hansen

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Yay, you sent me a long email!  Yes, I love long emails.  I don’t have
enough time to write a long response, but I love hearing about your
day-to-day activities.  And all the ward gossip (haha), like Kara’s

Dad–nice garage sale find!  I’m really not sure how to help Daniela, the
really poor lady we’re teaching.  We’re really not allowed to give anybody
money or food, because there have been problems with that in this mission
in the past.  We’ve been praying for her a lot, and when we met with her
this week she said a company has been meeting with her and is considering
hiring her for a big project they’ve got going! So that’s great news and it
will really help her out.

Mom–Know that I still think you’re wonderful.  My new haircut actually
looks like your normal haircut, but a little longer.  I really like it
(even though it’s a lot harder to put my hair up and off my neck now), but
from comments S.Owen has made, I don’t think she does.  Not that she thinks
it’s ugly, just big and crazy.  Haha, it’s pretty big and crazy.

I’m still doing really good on my budget.  The elders in my district (and
in last district, and both of my companions I’ve had so far) think it’s
kinda crazy, but I like knowing exactly what I have and how much I have
left, and doing it this way makes me feel like a better steward of the
Lord’s money.  Which is also kinda your money.

Well, I’m out of time, but I love you all!


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