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Hey family, sorry to hear about Braeden, it is a sad thing that he was not
well, when he left. The pain of death is only a lack of peace, that can be
resolved with a study of the plan of salvation. I wish there is somthing
that we could do to confort his family..
On a lighter note, We had an awesome week this week, I have been going on
two, to three exchanges a week this transfer, and it is a party. I was out
with another missionary Elder Horning, whom I respect above all other
missionarys even though he is only six months out, and we were knocking
doors, and came upon a lady, not interested, but asked if we would sing a
song with her before we left, she was Born again, so we didn’t know any of
her songs, so we sang “I am a child of God” to her, and the spirit was
overwhelming. Hornings and my voice sounded amazing togeter, and she was
speachless, it did not soften her heart enough to let us in, but hopefully
it puts a crack in the door for later missionarys.
I am still a happy camper, and I am sure “my joy will be full” when I
recieve you package 🙂
For christmas, I want to try a pair of Mesh Garments, if you wouldn’t mind
grabing me one, and…  whew I am having a stupor of thought, oh, um at the
book store there is copy of the articles of faith, it is a book written by
joseph smith, I think..  and It is written on scripture paper, and leather
bound, I think that is what it is called, that or “discourses on faith”
would be much appricated, and the scripture paper copy is where it is at,
because it is much nicer to carry about. Love you guys
Elder Hansen,
those are just suggestions btw, you can do what you want 🙂


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Hey, I don’t have a ton of time, but I wanted to tell you that we are doing
great. I don’t know if I told you last week, but I love being DL, I get to
be more spiritually filled with extra meetings, and go on excange with
other missionarys whenever I want.
Cool that you saw braydon dad.
I have not thought about what I want yet, I will tell you next week 🙂

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Dear Family,

No worries, I am alive and well.  Last p-day was pretty crazy.  We went out
to a citate [fort] that was pretty far out of the city, and we didn’t get
back  when we thought we would and didn’t have time to email.  Today we’re
emailing first, instead of last. 🙂

The mountain up to the citate had 1480 steps, as many as the Empire State
building.  It was a long, tiring climb, but it was worth it at the end.
The view was gorgeous!  On the way back we decided to walk for a while
instead of getting a ride immediately, so we we walked down the road a
ways.  There was a little creek by the side of the road, and when we saw a
footbridge crossing it we said, “Hey, let’s see what’s over there!”  We
crossed over and there was another, narrower dirt road with houses on it.
At one house we saw a guy forking hay into his barn.  We asked him if we
could help him, and he said no, he was pretty much done.  So we asked him
if there was anything else that we could help him with, and that we would
love to do anything.  So he took us down to his neighbor’s (relative’s?)
house where they were harvesting apples and set us to work.  We worked for
about an hour.  It was fun doing service–we don’t get to do a lot of it in
this mission.

After we finished, we headed out to the main road and walked some more.
Then we spotted a suspension bridge over on the other side of the road,
which we promptly crossed.  There weren’t as many people out, but we said
hi to a cow and petted a goat.  We tried to catch a chicken, but it was too
fast for us. 🙂  I also drew water from a real well–a
drop-the-bucket-and-hear-the-splash well!  I didn’t drink any, though,
because I really don’t want to come home with giardia.

We eventually got back into town.  All in all, we had traveled over 80
miles, but it was so worth it.

I was glad to hear that Jake got made District Leader!  Our mission has
gone through some pretty intense changes the last couple of weeks.  Six
elders were sent home due to obedience issues, and several older elders
were put back as junior companions–including our district leader. So we
got a new one–Elder Frandsen.  Because of the lack of older missionaries
that are eligible to serve in leadership positions, a lot of really young
missionaries were made leaders.  I am now the oldest missionary in my
district–and I’m only in my fifth transfer!  My DL is in his 4th, his
companion is in this 3rd, and my comp is in her 2nd.  Crazy.

My birthday is actually transfer day, so if you just send anything to the
mission home I’ll get it on my actual birthday–that way I won’t be tempted
to peek early. 😉  For Christmas all I really want is a new set of English
scriptures–the more tabs the better.  The binding doesn’t matter because
I’m planning on getting them re-bound here (did I send you a picture yet of
my journal that I had re-bound?  It’s gorgeous!), but I’d rather gold pages
to silver ones.

Mama–I love hearing about your trips to the temple, even though I can’t be
there to hold your hand.  I miss the temple so much!  I’m so excited to go
though with you and Dad and Jake all together when I get back.  I’m so
proud of you and Kayla for finishing that government class!  I liked your
parable about when you learned to swim–it’s a good reminder not to get
stressed about things, just to put it in the Lord’s hands and trust that He
will take care of everything.

Dad–That’s so cool that you got to see Braydon in Burley!  That’s awesome
that he is AP.  You are such a good dad–I look up to you more than you

I love you all!


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Hey family, I got a little more time, so I will tell you more about our
Earlier this week, I went on exchange with another missionary, and he said
that there was someone that wanted to bash with them, but that he might be
a decent potential as well, so I went with him because I think bashing is a
total waste of time, and I hate to waste time out here.
Well we got to his house, and come to find out later he was from the Bethel
Church, which is a church that is big into Pentecostal things like healing,
and talking in toung, and prophecy on a small scale. Well we talked to this
guy for a while, and he was actually really cool to talk to, but he didn’t
think that someone to lead all of Christ’s followers was important, so
instead of trying to convince him, we told him that the truthfulness of
this message could be felt if he prayed and read the book of Mormon. He
said that he would be open to that, so set a return appointment. Right
before we were about to leave, he said, I feel like I am suppose to tell
you something, and then he did like a fortune telling thing, and said that
he felt that we were both great leaders, and that he could tell that we
both believed in what we did very much, and told my companion, that he
could tell in the past that he felt like he he didn’t have very many
friends or that people picked on him, which is kind of obvious because he
has a problem with his eyes that they shift back and forth, like they are
trying to focus. Well anyway, it was kind of weird when he was telling us
this stuff, but the Greenie that I was with, was totally eating it up, and
after the lesson he said “man I guess there is some truth in every Church”
I kind of had mixed feelings about it, because he really didn’t have any
kind of authority, or stewardship, but he was still a good guy trying to do
what he believed in.

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Hey awesome family!

This week we had a blast. We took down our tower of beds because we were
getting inspected, and we realized that where our feet were on the walls
there were black smudges on the wall, which was about fifteen feet, and
twelve feet up on the wall. Well in the rush to get the rest of the place
clean, we forgot to clean off the smudges on the wall. When the inspectors
came, we, along with them, were quite baffled at where these mystery
smudges came from. We probably should have come clean and told them what
happened, but it would have resulted in them calling the president, and a
declaration of “no more 4 high beds” throughout the mission. We are going
to get them all scrubbed off before they come again.
We were going to watch Sunday Conference with our investigators Chris and
Veronica, preceded with breakfast with them, and lunch after. It was going
to be an absolute party because they said we had to come in pajamas, but
last second they called with the devastating news that Chris was helping
his dad with building a house.
I was quite pleased with this season of Conference, especially with
Uchtdorf’s talk on avoiding pride in the priesthood session. We were
battling with our prideful greenie in the apartment, and making “when he
had been out as long as we had” Jokes, and so I think it helped us both
out, in humbling us.
Well that’s it,
Elder Hansen

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