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Honolulu Hawaii Mission, how would it be… JK, I wouldn’t give up the
people here, that I have gotten to know for anywhere in the world.
Mom I loved your advice
“Don’t be hard on
yourselves as you look back and wonder if you were the valiant servant
that the Lord needed.  Instead, look at all the good you have done and ask
how you may continue to serve the best you can from this point forward.”
I think that is advice that I will be able to use all through my live,
but is especially what I needed just now, not that I am being terrible
hard on my self or anything, just there is a lot to think about at the
end of a mission, not that I am there yet, just saying…
Some of the guys in my zone have been reminding me how much time I
have left every time we get together, and one in particular texts me
every night. Yesterday was my 100 days left mark, and today, I am in
double digit’s, 99… I have been trying not to think about going home
too much, and I have not let it affect the work we do at all, that is
one of my goals, is to have my transfer, and especially my last week,
be especially strong, and perfectly do, all the things I have been
striving to do. My comp and I are getting along great, which makes
time fly, he has a ton of good insights to the Gospel, and especially
for missionary work, we both decided that if they would let us serve
for a third year, both of us would be up for it. He would serve for 14
like ammon if they asked him too.
I can not believe that Bearsey and Kara are getting married 2 MONTHS
before I get home! it was probably planned that way so that I would
not come home and talk him out of it…. heh.
Well me and my comp are working our guts out in this ward trying to
get every member involved, and everyone that has ever talked to
missionaries in the past, contacted, we are going to get this ward
moving forward. We have an awesome WML that lives and breaths
missionary work, so it has been fun working for/with him.
Sorry that I didn’t answer your question sooner dad, I am not quite
sure what it was, probably about being home sick? I usually just type
back, and answer the questions that I can remember… so if there are
any others, just write them again, or if you want, what some people do
is send a missionary a “questionnaire” with lots of questions, in the
mail, but you don’t have to feel like you need to do that.
Hmm well cool cool, seems like lots of things are changing, but that is good.

Love you guys more then computers!


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Hey family,
Times are good here in sunny California. We went out and washed our
car today, and got it all shiny. We are going bowling and playing
volley ball later on, just good times, we are all enjoying life here,
especially me and my comp and sister Moss. Funny/Awesome story for the
week. Last week we really needed to find someone new to teach, for the
sake of teaching, and because as Zone Leaders, we are expected to get
the best numbers in the Zone to set the standard, and to show them
that it can be done. So Last Sunday we really needed someone new to
teach, and a name came to mind of a lady that I had done service for,
Pauleen Peebles. I had trimmed all the branches off a tree for her,
well we left the first three feet of each branch and then chopped the
rest because she was sick of cleaning up all the (choice words) leaves
off the ground. Well I thought of her, so we went over, and got to
know her, and she told us that there are two pastors that she listens
to every Sunday and she just loves listening to them, (basically
hinting that there is no way that she is coming to church with us) So
we said, OK you don’t have to come to church, but there is an “empty
Nester’s” every week that you can go too with people your age so you
can get to know some more people. She didn’t want to do that at first,
and kind of put up her defences, so we got to know her a little more,
and she says that she prays every day, so we asked her what she prays
for, and she said, for her family, and that she wont be so lonely. We
told he that God usually answers prayers through other people, she
agreed, and we told her that we were prompted to come to her house,
which we were, and to answer her prayers. We told her that we are
servants of our heavenly father here to answer her prayers to not be
lonely any more, by inviting her to church and to other activities, so
she can meet people and not be lonely. We told her the only thing that
was holding her back from getting her prayers answered herself not
wanting to come. We were quiet after that, and just let the silence
and the spirit work on her, after thinking for a bit, she agreed to
come to the empty Nester’s the next night. We went over the next
night, and had someone else come that was going, and going to give her
a ride, so she could meet them, and she said that she didn’t want to
go “because of the bad weather”…. Grrrr lame excuse, well I am not
out her to take away any one’s agency, so we made sure that she didn’t
want to come, and then made lemonade out of lemons, by just having a
lesson with her, since we were over there any way. She had a question
about her dead dad, so we taught a small piece of the Plan Of
Salvation “POS” and told her to pray about it. We closed as always
holding hands in prayer. We came back the next week, and she was so
excited to see us, she said that she felt like she should read the
pamphlet, and after reading it once, she read it two more times! She
said that she believed every thing in it, even though most of it was
new to her, she said that she was ready to come to church. To give you
a little more of a mental picture, she is a short little old lady,
with curly white hair, super hard of hearing, and she lives in a
little single wide trailer, probably 16X40 lives alone, and apparently
she used to be pretty mean because none of the neighbor’s like her,
but one of them said she was getting a lot better…
Well we had looked on the ward list, for other people in the trailer
park that were members, that could fellowship her, and we mentioned
one of their names, and she knew them, so she called them up right
then, and asked if they could give her a ride to church, they sounded
a little hesitant, but they said yes.
Sad to say, but we did not have quite as much faith as we should have,
and we were a little skeptical if she would be there or not, but were
were over joyed to see her, when we got there Sunday. She seemed like
she enjoyed her self, but she said she couldn’t hear very well in
sacrament meeting. Some people just got new callings in our ward, so
we taught Gospel principals, and she was there, so we got her
involved, and we had her read, some, and she commented at the end
about how she has been baptized many times, and this last one, she had
someone hold her hearing aid, while she was baptized, and when she
came up, the pastor said, do you believe, and she said “yes I believe,
I believe you are trying to drown me!” Everyone in the class got a
kick out of that. We didn’t see her after that, but hoped that she
enjoyed the rest of her day.
We got up today, and we were eating breakfast with sister moss, and
some how “the new lady” got brought up, and Sister Moss said, “ya
someone needed to slap her, or just tell her to hush up!” Ulrich and I
looked at each other, and asked, who was this? They said some little
old short, white haired lady, that was new and told us her whole life
story in relief society while the brand new stake president was trying
to share a message. We asked what story she shared, and both Moss and
her “care taker” Susan, said they both just tuned her out after a
while, though “it was hard to do because she talked so loudly” sister
Moss mockingly yelled. Ulrich and I were busting up. We told them that
it was our new investigator, and they joked that we “really didn’t
need to bring her to church any more”, “we could find someone else to
teach.” Funny stuff.

Dad, I have not made a ton of plans as to what I will do after my
mission, I tell most people that I will hit BYU-I for a couple years,
get Generals out of the way, and find me a smokin hott, ultra
righteous and very virtuous wife, and then go into Mechanical
Engineering and design bicycles for Specialized for the rest of my
life. That is pretty much my memorized description, of the rest of

Well glad I could share, Love you guys,

Elder Hansen

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Dear Family,

Don’t have a lot of time this week, so this is going to be short, sorry.
Galati is fun, but I’ve never had so much trouble with gypsies before
(mainly the little kids).  We went to visit one less active family and had
to go through a gypsy family’s yard to get there.  There were three little
boys all younger than ten, and they gave us some crap.  Another time we
were walking down by the river and a different gang of little gypsy boys
was giving us crap.  Sora Holman has been hit with a snowball, and Sora
Henriksen has been hit by a shovel.  I’ve been kicked, and my fist may have
been hit by someone’s face, but I wouldn’t want to start nasty rumors. 🙂
I’ve been holding my own.

I look forward to your emails every week!



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Oh family, how good it is to hear from you. It has been quite a week.
We got a call Saturday morning, letting us know that our mission
president’s wife was sitting at a stop light in the turn lane, and someone
hit her head on at 40mph. She had neck and back injury, and her sternum was
cracked as well, but luckily it wasn’t any worse then that. We all call her
“Tour Guide Barbie” because she is un naturally happy and friendly to
everyone, but it is not fake in the slightest degree, it is 100% genuine.
Part of the reason that I know that she is really that happy, and friendly,
and happy to be a missionary, is that they were pulling her out of the car,
and laid her on the grass, and she said to the police and EMT, “I am a
Mormon, Do you want to be a Mormon? and then later on the ride to the
hospital in the ambulance she committed the people by her side to baptism.
She is awesome and a great example. We all fasted for her on Sunday, and
today we are all writing down what our thoughts were about the accident,
and feelings and impressions that we had while fasting for her, so they can
make a scrap book for her.
My new comp is pretty freakin’ sweet, he is super clean and organized, and
a very good missionary. He is going be a good husband to someone, he loves
to clean. He cleaned and organized every thing in our room, and in our
closet, and in our car, and in our area book, and our files on the
computer, and our bathroom, and our food shelf, and just about anything
else that you could think of that could be organized, he did just that.
Sister moss said that I would have to be careful that he didn’t take my
spot for her favorite, but I have it in the bag. He might take my other
comp’s spot for favorite as well, he is just easy to get along with and a
good time. He is pretty strict about the rules which is good, I have been
getting up exactly at 6:30 and trying to be in bed by 10:30 which was
slipping just a bit, and following just about every other rule has been
good as well. It has made a lot of difference, trying to be exactly
obedient and keeping everything clean.
That will be cool to have a baby monitor with a camera on it to watch g-ma
with. I am sorry time are rough, but everyone involved will come off being
better people because of it…
I think you have a huge heart to give those cats a chance by bringing them
to the pound rather then just putting them to sleep your self, if you know
what I mean.. funny how the guy that is allergic to cats is the one
bringing them home.
That is interesting that you would bring up lamen and lemuel and how they
didn’t ever pray so they didn’t ever gain a testimony, it seems that all
the lessons, and everything that we teach, always comes back to “don’t take
our word for it, pray about it and God will tell you that it is true as
well” but it takes a lot of faith to not only think that you are going to
get an answer, but to have an understanding, and relationship with God to
be able to recognize the answer that he gives us. I would have just
told Lamen and Lemuel to read the Book of Mormon, that seems to work pretty
well for us!

Love you more then mint chocolate chip icecream flavored gum!

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Dear family,

I’m sorry to hear that Norma Ricks died, but I’m glad that it was at the
end of a long and happy life.  It was nice that she was able to go in the
way that she did instead of having it long and drawn out.

So you’re still having cat troubles, eh?  What on earth possessed Ryan to
bring home a tomcat?  I’m glad that Bappy is still going strong.  How many
years has it been since we got him?  Hasn’t he lasted the longest of all
the cats we’ve had so far?

Lex–I’m proud of you for getting a part in the school play!  What play are
they putting on?  What part did you get?  When will your performances be?

Mom–how’s the new baby moniter working?  Are you able to get more (and
better quality) sleep?  How’s she doing–more of the same, or has she
declined more?  Know that I pray for you, and think you’re a saint.  I am
amazed at how kind you are and how well you’re doing as you endure to the

Transfers went well.  We got into the Gara at about 6:30 am instead of 10,
exactly like I thought we would.  We just kinda kicked around for a while
until other people started showing up.  By about eleven o’clock we had
almost everybody there, and there were piles of suitcases in front of
McDonalds and elders in suits and ties everywhere.  It’s pretty crazy–I’ll
have to send you a picture someday if I ever remember to take one on
transfer day.  Our district all got on a train and we finally got into
Galati at about 10:00 at night.  Four of the five of us were new to the
city, and Sora Henrikson (who was here before) has only been in the country
for a month and a half.  It’s really funny, because she’s just a timid
little sweetheart, but she’s having to pull up her big-girl panties and be
the boss and show us all where to go and how to get there.  But she’s never
been anywhere other than Galati, so she gives us instructions for some
things that her trainer obviously gave her instructions for, but we know
already because we’ve been in Romania and she doesn’t know yet the things
that are unique to Galati and the things that are different becuase they’re
Romanian.  I hope I explained that well.  Let me think of an example…she
was explaining to us the transportation system in Galati.  They have busses
as well as maxi-taxis (I miss using the word “marshukas”, but that’s the
russian word for it so no one uses it here) and we were asking detailed
questions about the marshukas because Sora Holman and I have both served in
Chisinau (where you use primarily marshukas to get around), but the system
here works a little bit differently.  But then she started telling us in
detail how to ride the busses and how to buy tickets and that you have to
buy them first and then stamp them once you’re on the bus and everything,
which we both already know because it’s the same in every city in Romania.
But it’s understandable, because she’s new and still getting used to
things.  I was just as clueless my second transfer.

It’s interesting serving in a threesome.  It’s a completely different
dynamic.  Sora Holman and I are only a transfer apart in the mission, and
our personalities are very similar (she’s a little bit more outspoken and
say-it-how-it-is than I am).  Sora Henriksen is just in her second
transfer, and she’s very…sheltered I guess is a good word for it.  Very
quiet, very much still getting her feet under her.  So I can see already
that it’s going to be very difficult for Sora Homan and I not to run the
whole show while she runs along after us, trying to keep up.  It almost
feels like we’re roomates that aren’t allowed to lose sight of each other
rather than missionary companions.  But we’ll work on building that unity.

Coming back from Moldova is weird.  I’m having to get used to a new money
system all over again.  Everything looks really cheap here, but it’s
because a romanian leu is worth about three-and-a-half to four moldovan
lei.  And there’s gypsies here.  We had a lesson with a gypsy family a
couple days ago.  We came in and started talking to one girl (Pusha) who
the sisters have worked with in the past to see if we should continue to
teach her or drop her if she’s not progessing (and is about our age), and
then her friend came in and was really interested.  But then as we were
teaching the both of them, a bunch of men all came piling into the house.
So we went into the back bedroom with the girls to continue to teach them.
And then the men locked us in, which was a little worrysome (there were
seriously about 15 of them).  But it turns out that the door didn’t have a
working doorknob, so the only way to keep it closed was to lock it.  And
when we were ready to go Pusha knocked on the door and and the men let us
out and we went on our merry way.

For the last couple of days we’ve been working on getting the apartment
here in Galati up to par.  It’s certainly not run down or anything–it’s
actually a very nice apartment.  It’s just not really equiped to be a
missionary apartment.  For instance, there is are no desks (or table or
anything else) at which we can study, and nowhere to put anything like
books and study supplies.  And there’s only one bed and there are three of
us.  Aparently the missionaries in the past made do with a couch that
folded flat, but it’s still not very flat, and it’s not a bed.  So we’ve
been trying to work with the propriatar through her friend, because she’s
peaced out to Italy.  Aurelia (the friend) is really nice, but I think
she’s a little annoyed with us because it hasn’t been that long since the
apartment was rented and we’re the first ones that have made a fuss about
things.  So we’re having to straighten out now who is going to buy this
furniture and where it’s going to go (because honestly, there’s not any
floorspace either) and what is going to be done with it once our contract
expires in six months.  Lots of hassle.  And we honestly may be moving
apartments, which is even more hassle and which I would really rather not
do.  But ce sa fac?  Asa este.

That’s about all I got.  It was weird understanding church again because it
was in Romanian rather than Russian.



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