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Hey baby,

I loved the picture of Cody, with the rock chuck with a gaping whole in the
side of it, that is awesome. Sounds like you guys had a great time with
Easter, I am getting excited to see you guys again. A girl in our ward here
just got home from her mission, along with two other guys, and it is weird
because I can see myself in there shoes here in 6 weeks. I am way too busy
to get trunky though, Elder Skelley and I are working our tails off, and
having a blast at it. Our Ward Mission Leader is a slave driver, but he
keeps us motivated so it is nice.  We have a lady we are working with Erin
Emmerson, who is reading the book of Mormon ever day, and praying about it,
and last night we had a lesson with her, and she said that she knows the
book of Mormon is true, and the Church, and that she wants to get baptized,
she just has some questions about the temple, and doesn’t want any
“surprises” to come up after her baptism. She is great, she said that she
went to a Rated R movie the other day with her son, and she said usually
the dont’ really bother her, but this one really offended her, and she felt
like walking out, but didn’t. We told her there is no shame in walking out
of a movie, and it was the holy ghost telling her to leave. She said that
next time she would be sure to leave, so she didn’t have some many bad
thoughts floating around in her head.

Love you!


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Hey family, not too much time this week with transfers and all, only one
important thing, I am staying with my best friend skelley! not much else to
say, just a good easter week, we have a new family who is a little less
active that we are working with, and then are a buch of fun, the BOSS
family. well, I guess just look foward to six more of these emails!

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Hey family, another great week here living the good life, everyone keeps
reminding me that I only have seven weeks left, as of this Tuesday… I
guess all good things have to come to an end some time. Hopefully by this
time next week I will be able to tell you the date, on which our new
investigator Erin will be getting baptized. We have been working with her
twice a week, and she is soaking up everything that we tell her, it is
great. We talked to the ward council about her, and someone who thought
they were “in the know” tried to attract attention to themselves, and get a
little lime light, by telling every one there, that Erin was only taking
the lessons because she was dating a member in Rocklin, and he said he
would only date her if she was a member. Well he may or may not have said
that, but that is not why she is taking the lessons. She has worked for a
member for 15 years and they have talked about the church that whole time.
That may be why she started taking the lessons, but she is doing it
now because the spirit confirmed to her that it is true. I don’t know why
someone in leadership in our ward, felt they needed to cut down, or judge
her testimony like that, but it was pretty annoying, I hope everyone in
ward council still takes her seriously, and supports her… For the talk in
sacrament meeting they talked about judging others, and removing the beam
from our own eye before looking to the mote (speck) in our neighbor’s eye,
I hope our ward council was helped out by that great talk.
Our week has been great, we did some service, taught a ton of lessons and
contacted a bunch of less active members. We also got invited to speak at a
8yr olds baptism because they invited all the non members from his class at
school to the baptism, what a great idea! only three family’s showed up out
of the 60 people they invited, but that is still infinitely more then the
zero non members that are usually at an 8 year olds baptism, Yea for
missionary minded members!

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Dear Mama Llama,

I’m so happy for Juan!  That’s so exciting that he got baptized.  Which
ward is he in–will he just go to the Spanish branch?

Spring has returned (hopefully for good this time).  We had a really
beautiful week, but then it got cold again and was nasty drizzly rainy for
a couple weeks, but now it’s nice again.

On Wednesday we did a service project at a botanical gardens near where we
live.  On the way there S.Holman fell down and scraped up her knee and her
hand, but worked through it.  But after working a couple of hours there and
then a couple more hours walking up and down stairs blocknocking, her knee
had swollen to the size of a small melon, so we went home and iced it and
played gin for the rest of the evening.  That’s really the most eventful
happening of this week.  In more spiritual news, Cici the awesome
investigator is still awesome and has introduced us to her husband, who
wants to start coming to church, too.  Also, one of the less-actives that
we’ve been working with has decided that she wants to get married in the
temple (she has a boyfriend that’s a member in Spain) and so she has
started coming back to church. Yay!

Um…it seems like I think of all sorts of things I want to tell you guys
during the week, but come Monday morning I can’t think of any of them.

I love you all, and love getting your letters!


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Mama Llama–

Wow, it sounds like it was a madhouse at the homefront last week!  I’ll bet
you all had a blast.  Thanks for telling me about Jared and Kara’s
wedding–I hope everything works out well for them.

Kayla–Woot, winter spring track!  Isn’t that the same track Jake will be
on regularly?  And I’m planning on doing fastgrad and just going to school
constantly to get it over with, so I’ll be there Spring, too!  We’ll

Lex–I let my companion cut my hair last night.  Now it’s about shoulder
length.  I got up this morning and pinned part of it up, and when I looked
in the mirror I thought, “Hey, this is Lexa’s haircut!”  So now I look just
like you, haha.  I don’t have pictures to send becuase my camera batteries
are charging so I didn’t bring it with me.

Mom again–Oohh, living room suggestions!  I vote bright fuchsia.  Or
teal.  haha, just kidding.   Um…I like yellow.  What if you put up a
white chair rail and did the upper half a really light creamy yellow and
the bottom half slightly darker?  You could put the chair rail at the same
height as the wainscoting in the kitchen to tie the two together.  That’s
what I suggest.

Love you lots!


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Hey there family, it is nice to hear what is going on with grandma.
We had a great week this week, we watched all four sessions of conference
at sister Moss’s house, mostly all in our pj’s. We went to the priesthood
session up in Lincoln (half hour away) and after, we went to McDonald’s
with four other missionaries, six of us total, and we were sitting down to
eat, and in comes 4 kids ranging from probably 10 to 13 years old, and they
asked us if we were Jehovah Whiteness, we said no, they asked if we were
against Gay’s and we said yes, and they asked if we had lots of wives, and
we said they could come and sit with us, because we were basically talking
across the restaurant, and they said, oh you would like if we sat there, so
you could touch us inappropriately. They were being super retarded, and
throwing stuff at us, so we just ignored them, and just coming out of
conference, I was thinking we should try and be bro’s and teach them, but
some of the other missionary’s had other ideas. Well needless to say we had
to leave because one of the missionary’s wanted to “teach the boys a lesson
about respect” and we were all dressed up with name tags on, or I would not
have minded quite as much, so we headed out to leave, and the boys headed
out at the same time, so I just kept walking, and was hoping that everyone
else would follow, and they did. Situation evaded.
That will work great to have us speak on the same day, I will speak in
English, and bri, I guess she can choose between Spanish, Russian, English,
and Romanian. Heh, but ya, even though I have talked to people for 2 years,
that doesn’t make me any better of a public speaker, so I agree with bri,
It might be good to have a musical number or something in between. We could
even sing as a song as a family if you like…
Well got to go, Love you guys!

Elder Hansen

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Woot, conference!  I love conference.  We were able to go to the senior
missionary couple’s apartment and watch all the sessions.  We watched Sat
AM streamed live at 7:00 pm Saturday night, then went to church Sunday,
came back and had lasagna and cheesecake (we sisters made the cheesecake
and it was AMAZING, if I might toot my own horn a bit.  Toot toot!) and
watched Sat PM, then at 7:00 saw the Sun AM streamed live, and this morning
went back over to watch Sun PM.  We’ll go over first thing tomorrow morning
and watch the priesthood session, which I’m super excited for.  So this has
been a wonderfully spiritually uplifting weekend.

Other news: S.Henriksen has gone to Buc because the new boboaca came in, so
now it’s just me and S.Holman.  And we’re partying it up!

Um…not a lot of other news for this week.  We haven’t had any more
problems with drunks or anything.

Don’t worry about responding to BYU-I, I did it from here (we’re allowed to
take care of school stuff during our weekly computer time).

As to the homecoming report:  I’m fine with it either way, but what happens
when we both speak on the same day and the entire congregation says to
themselves, “That Jacob has sure become a spiritual giant in the last two
years.  I sure felt the spirit during his talk.  And his sister’s was
entertaining, I guess.”  At least have a musical number between us.  Haha,
seriously though, I really and honestly don’t care.  If I talk with Jake or
if I talk with some other random person, it’s the same to me.

I love you all!


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