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Dear Mama,

Happy birthday to you,
You live in a zoo.
You look like a mooonkeeeyyy…
And you smell like one, too! (imagine me going ridiculously high and squeaky on this last bit.)

I sure love you, Mom!  May you live a long happy life with all of your mental facilities intact.

I’m pretty sure the letter that President Lundberg send out is just a form letter and it doesn’t actually apply specifically to my life or mission.  And I would be disappointed if you didn’t add in your two bits along the way.

Um…let’s see…my life is great lately.  It’s been ridiculously hot here–it was over 40 degrees the other day.  Er…over a hundred and four.  It’s been nicer for the last couple of days because it’s been cold and rainy, but it really seems like there’s nothing in between.  It’s either a hundred degrees (and double that on the tramvais) and you sweat and die, or cold and rainy and you wish you would have grabbed your jacket.

Big news for this week: I’ve bought a bike!  It probably wasn’t the wisest purchase, having only a month left, but it was cheap (and it looks it, haha) and we (the four of us in the Arad district) wanted to be able to ride out into the countryside on p-days.  And the public transportation system in this city is pretty awful, so it’s a lot faster to ride bikes everywhere.  I forgot how much I like riding a bike–I should have done this two months ago.  And I may have given myself saddle-sores.

I  can’t wait to go garage-saling, either.  I definitely miss it.  Speaking of, will you keep an eye out for me for solid-color button-down shirts (even lightweight pastel ones, if you can believe it) and pants that are just a bit nicer than jeans but not quite dress-pants?  Like khakis.  If I remember right, I have plenty of jeans at home, but no khakis.  And undershirts like the girls like with sleeves, not just tank-tops.  Sorry to give you a shopping list, but you tend to pick out what I like better than I do.

Something that happened last week that I didn’t have time to tell you about: do you remember the bird I told you about a few weeks ago that we named Darla?  Her eggs hatched!  And we were growing cute little fuzzy baby dove chicks.  And then a couple of horrible nasty trash pigeons came and pushed one of them out of the nest to fall to its death four stories below and pecked the other one on the head until it died.  And Romanians say they’re the same bird.  They’re not–pigeons are evil, and I’ve developed a great dislike for them.  Doves are OK, but noisy.

Also, because we had a dead chick on our windowsill for a couple of days, we developed a horrible infestation of bird mites.  They were everywhere, and it was absolutely disgusting.  I took pictures, but this computer doesn’t want to recognize my card reader so you’ll have to wait to see them.  We permetherin’ed (the really strong bug killer that’s in every missionary apartment) everything, so now we’re good again, but it was nasty while it lasted.

Well, I’m about out of time, so I’m going to leave it at that.

Love you!



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Wow, I can already see Jake-isms affecting your vocabulary.  That was
fast.  🙂

Not a lot of time to write this week, but know that I love you and that I
can’t wait to see you again. Whoever said that you should expect emails to
peter off towards the end of your mission is crazy–I get twice as many
emails now than I did three months ago.

Love you all!


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Hey family, I sure love you,
That is great if g-ma and g-pa hansen come to when I get off the
plane, but don’t worry about inviting anyone else. I don’t know what
i want to do when I get home, probably just chill with you guys, and
answer all your super deep doctrinal questions… haha. That will be
cool to see jack attack again… I don’t know what else to say, to
tell you the truth it rally hasn’t hit me yet that I am going to see
you in a matter of hours… Love you, and see you then. Sorry if you
had any other questions that I didn’t answer.

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