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Re: Weekly Letter 10/19/09

Hey family, I sent my pictures out yesterday, so you should be getting them this next week. I don’t know if I told you or not, but when I got my hair cut the first time in the mission field, it was by a togan, brother fapula. He gave me a buz cut of about #2 or #3 and my conpanion as well, they were the worst hair cuts ever, they are in the pictures but I don’t think the pictures do them Justice. Last week weather finally caught up to us. On Tuesday it was pouring and blowing way hard, there were broken trees everywhere. Two or three ward members lost there trees and our investigator Yvonne lost a 30 or 40 foot high tree on to her car. We went over Wednesday to help her out and it dumped on us then as well. It only rained for about 30 minutes on wensday, but we were out for the whole time, riding over to her house, and by the time we got there, we might of well of jumped into a pool. We sawed a bunch of branches, and we finally go to her car and it was un-scratched. It was truly a miracle, especially for her, because she is really hurting for money right now. I think the tree fell, and then rolled onto her car or something, I don’t know, but it was amazing.

Second miracle of the week we got Corche out to church this week, and she even brought her friend Josie. Corche could be Rachel V*****’s twin, but she is a Hispanic black mix, but the personality is totally the same.

So last night we were talking to a part member family, in which the wife is a very active primary, leader, and the dad has no believe in God, except that some force started the big bang, that could be compared to God. We watched the work and the glory with him, and tried to explain the importance of the gospel, but he says that he has tried the whole praying thing, and it is not working for him. I attempted the same analogy that was used in conference about the painting, how every stroke is obedience to the gospel and that after one or two strokes you can’t attempt, to step back and see the painting, that is where faith comes in to just continue doing what you have been told, and you may not see the end result in this life, but you will see a picture, or purpose start to appear as you move forward with faith. I don’t think he was totally convinced, and I longed to have the spirit carry my words into his heart, but I don’t know if he will make a place for it yet. We are going to try and watch the mountain of the lord with him next week, and hopefully he can see the big picture. Anyway’s thats pretty much all that’s new, Thanks again for writing me, and just remember you are the habits you create.


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Re: Weekly Letter 10/12/09

Haha no worries, I am making good food choices, everyone makes fun of my smoothies, but I feel better then everyone else, so hopefully I can rub off on them. I will send you pictures of some of my food creations… not all of them edible.. I think I will send my my card home this week so you guys can see my companions, which I will be getting a new one in two weeks, and crossing my fingers to be a trainer, but II guess we will see how that goes. I think you are doing just fine, but it never hurts to try to hone yourself to perfection, as long as you don’t get translated before I get home. So I am working with this less active mom and daughter, Eva and Corche, (cor-shae) and Corche wants to go back to church, but her mom alwasy makes an excuse when the day actully comes around… and it seems like eva wants to go to church as well, because we have had spiritual thoughts with her, and had her in tears, and then commit to come to church, and then the next day we are sitting in church, and we get a text “oops slept in till 1:19 how ironic” more like how annoying… haha. Well anyway, we are praying for her to be humbled, so…. guess we will see how that works out. Any advice? Anyway, love you!

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Weekly Letter 8/23/09

Dear Elder Jacob,

I just got back from choir practice and Thelma W***** gave me a name
you could look up and contact.  It’s David M***** M*****.  Thelma said that
David’s brother Mark E***** M***** lived in the double wide trailor that
Adruses lived in before they built their house up the lane next to Mike
C***** and the Beans.  Mark was only 33 years old and his daughter found
him dead one morning (2007).  Mark’s mother came to go through his things
and Thelma gave her some soup and a card with a pass-along card in it.  She
hasn’t heard back from her but she just ran across the Shelley Pioneer that
had the death announcement in it and told about a brother that lived in
Roseville California and thought you might want his name just in case.  It
might be a good chance to talk to him about life after death and eternal
families.  It’s been two years so he may not still be there but maybe he
is.  When you have an “in” sometimes you can get a foot in the door.
School has started so we’ve decided to start holding to the rod again
and read our scriptures:)  Lexa suggested that we all have our own personal
scripture study in our rooms for fifteen minutes or so so that we can cut
the morning devotional down to fifteen minutes.  I didn’t have a problem
with that because I really want them to get into the habit of having their
own personal scripture study time.  We’ve only done it for a few days so far
but it’s amazing what a spiritual difference I’ve already started to feel
because of it.  Maybe during morning devotional we could study Preach My
Gospel instead of just one stick of scripture.

I’m thankful to hear that you and your new companion have a mutual
respect for each other.  That goes a long way.  Remember to take your
mission one day at a time and enjoy the journey.  Never wish you had the
gifts and talents of another missionary.  You have exactly what the Lord
wants in that area at this time.  Whenever you’re discouraged think of all
the gifts that you’ve been given and I don’t mean the ability to learn to
play the trumpet.  Think of your kind heart, your thoughtfulness toward
others, including women, children and the elderly.  You have determination
and the fortitude to move ahead when things are tough.  You have the ability
to put people at ease when they’re around you.  You have been blessed with a
full measure of faith.  Move ahead with a glad heart and tap into that God
given gift of faith and know that all will turn out for your benefit in the

Oh, by the way, Shawna came this week because she wanted Joni and me to
help her make applesauce.  I told her that Ryan was gone to a job interview
and that we should pray for him as a family.  Joni, Shawna, Lexa, gma and I
knelt down and prayed that he might get the job.  He came home and said that
they had hired a guy for the job the night before.  But guess what?  Two
days later they called him and said that the other guy wasn’t working out
and they needed him after all.  It’s just a dump truck driver job that pays
him only half of what he’s used to making but after a year of no work he is
thankful to have it until he finds something else!  The Lord is truly
mindful of all his children.  I’d sure like to see him go back to school to
get educated in another field of some kind other than construction since the
bottom has dropped out of that market.  Whatever, not my life.
I sure love you, son.  Feel the faith and prayers of your earthly family
but above all remember that your heavenly family loves you and is rooting
for you even more that we ever dreamed of.  Hugs and kisses,


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Re: I love my son

Hey, I am so glad that you are able to be spiritually filled on Sundays, every one calls it a day of rest, but we are only resting from wordly things, so spiritually we are more active then the rest of the week. Being on a spiritual mission, it is the same way, except, we are the most active on sunday, because it is also our day of spiritual working.

I am so glad to hear about Cassi and Keegan, it is so cool, that they are able to be able to spiritually uplift others, and especailly themselves.
Did you get the letter I sent home asking for the semminary rhymes for scripture refrences?

I did write a letter to Jared, and that was like the coolest thing ever.
My comp’s name is ryan a*****, and we are getting along great, even though he was sick like three days last week, just gave me all that much more time to study.

could you guys do a big favor for me, will you email rand.r*****@inl.gov and ask his home address, so I can write him or lrand.r*****@inl.gov or debbie.p*****@inl.gov I don’t know if any of these will work, but hopefully.

I have a tiny bit more time so let me tell you about my investigators
Linda is a way awesome lady, but she has serious health problems, so she dosn’t come to church  very much,and she sees God, as the discription of the holy ghost, so we are working on that. and then there is lori and Johnny, they are a white girl, and an awesome black guy, and he like loves the history behind the book of mormon, like way more then he is intrested in getting a spiritual whitness that it is true. Also there is this awesome family that just got baptized, just before I came in, the Squortisus, er something like that, they are like the coolest family ever, they have two kids, a boy about eleven, and a girl, about thirteen. They totally remind me of brielle and I, playing lego’s together, and such, but he has long blonde hair just like lexa, or maybe a bit longer. They have us over for dinner sometimes, and also we had a watter fight on the forth of july, everyone else was in the pool, which would have been awesome to get in, and we couldn’t have gotten any wetter after the watter battle, if we would have jumped in the pool. It kind of stinks that I only get half hour to write you guys, it feels like I am trying to cram like a week of stuff into a couple of sentances. I can also write, but only on P day, so mabye I will have to start doing more of that.

Latter on today we are going to get a mini missionary, between 16-18 who is going to come and chill with us for the week and eat our food, and go tracting with us, so I am stoked for that.

Dad, I am glad to hear that you had a good time with motab, whenever anyone askes what you do for work, I always threw in, “and he is on tour with the tabernacle choir right now!” they were super inpressed to say the least.
I am on a pretty strict diet of top romin, and grape nuts(cereal) cheerios last week and an occational pb&j sandwich. I eat really good for dinner though, the members have us over almost every night, which is awesome and a half, I don’t think I have had one thing yet that I didn’t love. We have helped a bunch of people move stuff like couches, and one lady, totally move out of her apartment.

Oh, we are going to start our 40 day fast next sunday, because My comp was sick all this week, I couldn’t remember if I told you about that, but we are fasting from talking about home, or girls, or any thing else that isn’t mission related.

Being on a missison is a ton of work, and we are constantly tired, but there are just some moments that make everything totally worth it.

For example, the other day we were over at linda’s house talking to her about, how God is our heavenly father, and about prayer, and. I thought of like a question to ask her, and it wasn’t like super related, so I was a little hesitant to ask her, but when I did, she was like, “funny that you wold ask/say that, I was just wondering, or thinking about that. It was awesome, and I know that when we are doing what the lord wants us to do, and on his path, he will always inspire our minds as what we need to say or do. This is not just one occation either, this happens at least daily. It is way cool to be out here, and my trainer is way good, but it is also a very humbling experiance, and he always has really good advice on what I need to work on every single day.

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