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Re: Mom here

Well I talked to the mission president and he said that I could only send eMail to direct family, like sisters, mom, not like aunts or anything like that. So my mission address is:

California Roseville Mission
8331 sierra college boulevard
suite 208
Roseville CA 95661-9486

They advise that I have family and friends and everyone else send mail to the mission address, and then they will froward every thing on to me, because they never know when I am going to get transfered, or anything else.
I have been having an awesome time here, I could not have asked for a better conpainon, he is from Rexburg, and he is a mad hard worker, and really knows how to be a good missionary. We really get along well, and I am really stoaked to be serving with him.  We have taught a bunch of lessons lately, and I am memorizing a  bunch of scriptures. I actually got to extend an invitation to be baptized to someone, but she wasn’t quite ready yet, so we are still teaching her, and trying to contact her everyday.

Everyone thinks my tape job on my bike is hilarious. My conpanion was telling me that a sweet thing to try is to a 40 day fast, I was telling him about ours in the ward, and he said what he was talking about was fasting from the things of the world. As a missionary, you really wouldn’t thing that would be that hard, but in reality, it is super hard not to thing of, non church songs, bad or not, and not ever to talk about home, or girls, or the such, so we are going to start on fast Sunday this week, and we are going to bust it out. The promised blessings from this is to be able to be more in tune with the spirit, and also to be able to have this spirit in our lessons. I am way stoked for this.

My comp said that people expect more out of you about 6 months into the mission, but after six weeks, he was the senior conpainon and he had to make all the appointments, and every thing else, so he is like rushing me into it, and it is like overwhelming, but in the same breath, it is awesome to be the leader every other day.

The city seems to be about twice as big as IF and I think that we only cover a part of it.

Oh so I met the hybrid of Shawna and Mike E*****, he is this crazy guy named brother Gibson, he is like super out spoken, and says whatever he wants, approite or not. He is out mission leader in the ward, and sometimes it is a little hard to work with him, but I am sure I will grow to love him.
Here we have what they call OYM’s it stands for open you mouth, and we talk to every single person we pass every day on the street, which is about 30 people average a day. It dosn’t sound like a lot, but that is a lot of people, and at first it was a little hard talking to random people on the street, but now it is just fun.

I am like amazed at how many people, aren’t home, or just don’t open the door when we knock, about half open when you knock, and about one out of ten will invite you in for a drink, and I haven’t yet knocked on a door and had someone interested in the gospel, but I am sure that is to come.

Anyways, enough of my complaining, their is actually good parts to a mission as well. We are teaching this lady named Linda B*****, who has severe heath problems, all coming from a jellyfish sting she had about eight years ago. She has an over active thyroid which means that she can’t get to sleep at night, she can’t keep any weight on, and she is always too hot. We are teaching her lessons, but coming to church is hard for her because she sometimes only gets a little sleep, but she is super humble from all of her challenges, and she always follows through the things we commit her to, which is really nice, and really rare.

all the people here don’t wear half as much clothes as we do, members or not, but I guess that is kind of to be expected. in 105 degrees about every day.

Well love you I am going to head out, Write me


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