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Dear Elder Hansen,

I just got done writing you an epistle on dearelder and it all disappeared. I hope I can remember everything I told you the first time. I’ll do my best. I love reading your letters. I can hear your voice inflections, feel your spirit and see your facial expressions as you talk. Kayla was laughing out loud while she read your last email. I’m not sure if it was you gutting someone on her behalf or if it was because you’re getting a “smokin’ hot righteous wife”. Either way, you crack us up. You’ll have to expound sometime on your productivity in sick-bay sometime.

Jared took your bike over to John’s house today to be mailed. He didn’t dare wait any longer for the part that hasn’t showed up. Jared put the journal you got in the mail today, into the bike box. So when you open up the box, there will be an added bonus in it for ya. We’ll send the part to you in the mission field when and if it comes. Is there a tracking number or something we should be checking on? Jared is so funny. When I told him that you had swine flu last week he said, “That’s sweet!” Almost your exact words. Two peas in a pod. We’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of telling people that our son has swine flu. Sucked it for all it’s worth. A good journal entry for the beginning of your mission.

Thank you for sending council to your siblings. It always comes across so much better from you than from me! I can’t think of anything else right now so I’ll write more later if I have a brainstorm. I love you, son.



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Re: Mom again

I am not totally solid on when and who it is ok to talk to on email, so I probably won’t send email’s to those people, but it is really up to my mission president to make that call, so I guess we will see. I will send a letter to you guys to give to Jared though, Thanks for thinking about me, and for sending that address book, there is no way that you could have put into words the way that you love me, as much as showing me through that book, it must have taken forever to put all those people in. I am out of the sick bay, and it really wasn’t all that bad, I slept the whole first day, like literly, and didn’t eat anything, and then after that day, it wasn’t terrible, just a little crappy. I think I lost every thing that I put on in the first week of MTC all you can eat, life though, so I am back to putting away the grocries. I am glad to hear about grandma and granpa’s shin dig, that sounds like a ton of fun. I hope that you guys love living with ryan, and his kids, I don’t know if I could do it. I am glad to here that you guys are going to work in the farming (worm farming) part of the world, that you teach you guys to get up early and work hard, which are two things, you will be glad you know how to do. Sorry Kayla, that I left the car a big stinky mess, and torn apart, I am glad to hear that you got it back to gether an smelling good, you might have to convince dad that for an early birthday present you want a working radio and windshild wipers (I think the wipers a just a fuse) and make sure to let him know that they are truely a safety hazzard untill they get taken care of, especially the radio 😉 Be way careful who you date, and don’t ever date any one that you are not confortable dating, the spirit will tell you if someone is a bad idea and YOU NEED TO BE WATCHING AND LISTENING FOR HIM TO TELL YOU!! no matter how stoked you are to go out with someone. Seriously, I have herd some pretty bad stories about people being taken advantage of, and I would hate to have to gut someone coming straight off a mission. But ya, sounds like you guys are having a party without me, and I will send you another letter before I leave the MTC. Just so you know I was a super productive missionary in the sick bay, and I am looking foward to a smoken hott righteous wife because of it 🙂 so keep your eyes open for one for me to date when I get back.  Mom, I miss your hugs, I miss waking up super late to you just calmly asking what you can do to help, and all the small stuff, that I am now appricating now that I am out here. My half hour is up, so I will write more in a letter

Love you all,

Elder Hansen

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From JAKE!

Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I got this email set up, I can only check it on tuesday, as well, as only being able to write letters on tuesday. Most missionaries, write letters every day though. I don’t need letters or anything, I just bought them from the book store. I have been having a fantastic time here, and really felt the sprit. I got sick yesterday night, and so I had the elders in my room give me a blessing, and it was one of the most amazing blessings that I have ever received(not including my school blessings of course) We have been going to a ton of classes mostly based around teaching and the restoration. I have been gettting along with my compainion, elder sheldon, really well. He is a super nice guy, and he talks, kind of softly, and with kind of a vally accent, if you kind of know what I mean, maybe like brennen, or jordan minie, or something.  Well I think it would be more effecent for me to receive the Dear Elder mail, then from email, but whatever is eaisest for you guys is cool with me. You guys can send me each of your email addresses if you like, or if this is the best one to receive email on, that is good to go as well.  Maybe you want to have brielle set up a new email, just for going back and forth with me, so that anyone can check it at any time, or send me emails from it. Well anyway, Just know that I am having a fantastic time. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I Went into the clinic to see if I had swine flu, which, there are like 50 current cases of, and they took my temp, and said that I didn’t have it because I had a normal tempature. I was thinking about the saying the other day, he will make your weeknesses your strengths, the other day, and then I was thinking about how I really don’t like to lead, but ever gosple related group I have been in, I have been the leader of, or really close to the leader. So I think that through my righteousness (being in the gosple) I have had me weekness (leading) been made a little bit stronger throught all the experiance. Well the little red clock in the corner of my screen is counting down the seconds left to type this (started with 30 minutes) so I think I am going to wrap it up, Do you think you guys could send me a letter, with a couple of ward memebers, addresses on it, like fieldings address, christensen’s address, and maybe bishop hansen, and hillams, and any other one’s that you can think of, that I would want to write to.  Well anyways, It was way good hearing from each of you, and I know that your prayers are truely, helping me, and I am sorry Bri, but any answer is better then no answer. Well anyway, I love you guys sooo much, and I have gotten many confermations that our church is the true church, and I am doing the right thing with my life. Again, love you lots,

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