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Re: Captain Crunch

haha sorry, I know how you feel now, I was half way through my letter to you, and a little kid here at the library kicked out the power cord. Haha, so this one might be a little short.

The stay-cation, sounds like a blast, I wish I could have been there for the fun, and to see the treehouse.  haha ya that is a ton of candy, but that package made my day, reading all the stuff from you guys. Oh I got the family pictures as well, I had to steal the back from my conpanion, because he was checking out the girls. haha,  Oh, and brielle’s face totally does look like a calvin and hobbs face. If you guys don’t mind, could you send the two tubes in the garage for my bike, they have the small silver valve stems and they are specialized I think, they have goo in  them, because apparantly they do have thorns here in california, thanks so much. Thats really all I can think of that I need, but thank you guys so much for thinking about me. I have met a bucnh of awesome people here, I and learned a ton about myself, and about getting along nicely with others. Well love ya lots.



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Captain Crunch

Dear Elder Jake-

I never know what to write on the Subject: line so I’m just going to write
random stuff that will make you smile:)

The stay-cation was intense.  Lots of people.  I feel like I need a couple
of days of recuperation.  Jill and her crew went home yesterday right after
the garage sales and Shawna left at about 7:30 PM so that her grandson,
Jack, would sleep all the way home and I just drove to Malad with Ryan to
return his kids tonight.

I would have enjoyed the whole vacation more if we never had to eat.  You
know me, I hated planning the meals, shopping for the food and cooking the
meals.  I guess eating the meals wasn’t torturous but I could have had more
fun without the whole eating ordeal for the week.  There weren’t any hurt
feelings or major injuries or anything.  That’s always a relief.   After
Ryan got done with the tree house (he added more floor space to it) he put a
big cargo-net above it so that kids and adults alike could climb around in  and
on it like a spider’s web over the tree house deck.  That Ryan sure thinks
like a kid.  I told you before that he’s a twelve year old in a man’s body.

I’m driving with dad tomorrow to install an organ in Jackson
Wyoming.  That will be nice to have some one on one time with my best friend
and not with a crowd for a change.  Did you get the package that Jill sent
you while she was here?  You’ll probably get sick with all the candy we’ve
sent you in the mail but what else do you send in a care package?  We want
you to know that we “care”.

I just read the “novel” that dad wrote you today and I’m going
to make it easy and close early.  A boy only has about a half an hour on the
computer for pete’s sake!

I love you with all my heart,


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